School Messenger Parent Communication App
  • What is School Messenger?
    School Messenger is the communication tool we use to send phone, email and text messages to families regarding district or building information.  All guardians are included in our messaging and contact information is pulled from Skyward Records.

    How do I update my contact information?
    If you have an email or phone number change, please log in to Skyward to update your information.  You can also speak with your school to change your information.

    How do I sign up for text messaging?
    It is simple.  Guardians can "opt in" from your phone by texting YES to 67587.

    How can I manage all my messages from my phone?
    Automated calls, emails and text are distributed to guardians.  While you can access those messages using various tools, you also can manage them using one School Messenger App on your mobile device.  Download the application in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.  You will be able to set preferences on which types of messages you want to receive and how.

    • Video on how to download the mobile app
    • Video on how to sign up using the web

    What happens when I miss a message?
    Using the School Messenger App helps if you miss a phone call or delete an email or text. All messages are stored for you to go back and review.

    Watch video to learn more.