What is Graduate Yelm!

Research tells us that students in school now must graduate from high school and then enter and finish some sort of continuing education.  Only about 2% of the jobs that will be available to them as adults will go to candidates with only a high school diploma. Additionally, students with more post high school education will increase their career earnings.  As a community we must continually promote the message that after high school comes a wonderful choice that needs to be well-planned, positive and future focused. Graduate Yelm! can also help alleviate the perceived barriers to continuing education such as cost, availability and accessibility.  

The philosophy of Graduate Yelm! is to inspire and motivate students to succeed in school and to plan for a positive future after graduation.  We also strive to celebrate every choice a graduate makes to continue their education and to work.  We want the Yelm community to take collective responsibility with us to support graduation and graduation planning.  

Thank you for your interest in Graduate Yelm!  We sincerely hope that you choose to partner with us to help students build a stronger future.  

Definition of Terms

Graduation - meeting all required components to earn a Yelm Community Schools diploma including course credit, state-required assessments or equivalents, and completing a high school and beyond plan.

Graduation Readiness - upon graduation, students should possess the knowledge and skills necessary to make an informed decision about continuing education and work.  We will celebrate all post-graduation choices including college, military, technical school, apprenticeship and other work-transition programs.  

about school.  Graduate Yelm! is designed to maintain a positive conversation about the importance of doing well in school and graduating with a plan to continue
Graduation Rates - schools are accountable for continuous growth in graduation rates.  Rates are calculated as the number of students who graduate in four years, five years and more than five years.  The goal of Graduate Yelm! is  100% graduation.