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Yelm High School Extended Semester Academic Contract

Yelm High School
Academic Contract
2020 - 2021
Extended Semester
Family Communication

Tornado Families,

We are steadfast in providing continued support for students during these Covid times. Student grades are locally determined this school year and many students earned passing grades; others need more time to obtain a passing grade.

In an effort to provide this additional time, students who did not earn passing grades were issued an NC (No Credit) rather than an F (Failing) grade. What does this mean?

● Students and families should review first semester grades and identify those courses that are marked with an NC (No Credit) as opposed to an F (failing) grade.

● Students will work with their first semester teacher to identify the essential learning that is needed to obtain a passing grade of D. Students with IEPs may earn either a P or D grade.

● Students will work with their teacher to complete a required Academic Contract in order to access an Extended Semester opportunity.

The Academic Contract is part of a collaborative process. Students receiving an NC will work with their teacher to identify assessments/assignments and develop an agreed upon time/deadline to complete the contract. Students who do not fulfill the details of the agreed upon Academic Contract will have their grade converted to an F (failing) grade.

Students/families are encouraged to proactively communicate with their semester 1 teacher to develop/complete their Academic Contract and earn a passing grade/credit as soon as possible.

Students transferring from YHS to another school will have the NC grading converted to an F grade prior to the transcript being sent to their new school district.

We hope this Extended Semester provides the support necessary to assist students/families during these difficult times. If you have any questions please contact the teacher your student is working with to complete the contract.

John P. Johnson, Principal
Yelm High School
Yelm Community Schools