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Graduation Readiness Pathway

Students demonstrate their readiness to enter a post-secondary education/training aligned to their interested career by completing one of the Graduation Pathways listed below. Their Pathway should be aligned to their High School Beyond Plan.

Student's Goal 1st Year After Graduation Graduation Readiness Pathway Options
Apprenticeship SMARTER BALANCED or WA AIM  (ELA & Math) Assessment
Career/Technical Training SAT or ACT scores (ELA and/or MATH)
Military Enlistment Earn College Credit in ELA and/or MATH (College in the High School
College/University: 2 or 4-Year  Transition Course in ELA and/or Math
  AP Course or Exams in ELA and/or Math
  ASVAB Score
  Complete sequence of CTE Courses which includes the potential to earn college credit and/or an industry recognized credential