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2018-2019 School Board Recognition

On May 9, 2019, The Yelm Community Schools Board of Directors presented the Excellence in Learning Support Award.
Excellence in Learning Support Award

Karen Vega, Samantha Abeyta, Marjie Hicks, Renee Zahn, Debbie Martin, Mary Dewees,
Shawna Lopata, Shelley Lunsford, Luann Easley, Andrea Sloan, Tami Thomas

On April 25, 2019, The Yelm Community Schools Board of Directors celebrated our school Volunteers of the Year.
Volunteers of the Year

Ashley Rodewald, Fort Stevens Elementary
Karen Norlund, Lackamas Elementary
Lanora Siggelkow, McKenna Elementary
Angela Geszvain, Mill Pond Elementary
Gina Cooprider, Prairie Elementary
Jessica Melby, Southworth Elementary
Sandra Manwiller, Ridgeline Middle School
Dan Huttmann, Yelm Middle School
Phil DeGon, Yelm High School

On March 21, The Yelm Community Schools Board of Directors recognized distinguished citizens with the Community Connected Award for making a significant contribution to the learning and social-emotional lives of YCS students.
Community Connected Award

Michael Grayum, nominated by Yelm High School
Dan Huttmann, nominated by Yelm Middle School
Walter Hicks, nominated by Ridgeline Middle School
Nick Parsons, nominated by Prairie Elementary
David Hardt, nominated by Southworth Elementary
Charles Ikari, nominated by McKenna Elementary
Scott Cole, nominated by Mill Pond Elementary
Brian Brodzinski, nominated by Lackamas Elementary
John Rodewald, nominated by Fort Stevens Elementary

On March 7th, The Yelm Community Schools Board of Directors recognized 8 teachers for making a significant contribution to the school, district, or wider community to showcase student creative expression.  The board also recognized YHS State Wrestling Champions.
Excellence in Creativity Award
Excellence in Creativity Award:
Stacie Preece, Melissa Palmer, Heather Shaffer, Tim Henderson, Mary Rivera. 
Not pictured: Esther Campbell and Ron Schwartz
YHS State Wrestling Champions
 YHS State Wrestling Champions Derrick Platt and Phoenix Dubose

On February 21st, The Yelm Community Schools Board of Directors recognized Yelm Dental for offering free dental care to high school students in need and the outstanding efforts by the Citizens for Support of Yelm Schools in passing the bond. 
Yelm Dental
Citizens for Support of Yelm Schools

On February 7th, the Yelm Community Schools Board of Directors recognized 48 distinguished staff members with the Excellence in Learning Support Award.  These individuals were recognized for providing outstanding support to ensure the health, well-being, and learning growth of all students.
Learning Support Award
Special Education Teachers
Sara Biechman
Mike Riley
Mindy Watson
Sarah Fisk
Colleen Sarmiento
Emily McIntire
Mindy Noland
Becky Fowler
Registered Nurses
Connie Hopkins
Michelle Punzel
Kayla Walker
Shelli Hill
Michelle Fossum
Ann Hutchison
Judith Diodati-Gleason
Michael Gonzalez
Megan Durkee
Tim MacDonald
Quinterra Middleton
Lindsay Hutchinson
Speech and Language Pathologists
Kari Fahoum
Mattie Marks
Janelle Golden
Occupational Therapist
Jann Shia
Learning Assistance Program Teachers
Erin Kennelly
Liann Arnold
Kay Caldwell
Kay Armenta
Ali Meyer
Chrissy Marshall
Title One Teachers
Catherine Hunt
Sue Buchmiller
Dan Nelson
Renee Nelson
Dawn Carroll
Jason Kerber
Behavioral Support Staff
Cody Kaech
Jeremy Brant
Preschool Teachers and Staff
Aunya Jackson
Tanja Myers
Renata Nontell
Ashley Anderson
Jane Oberhansly 
English Language Support
Chantal Hollatschek
Middle School Counselors
Stacey Jansen
Melanie Keller
Michelle Rolen
Melvin Fields

On January 24th, school board members were recognized for their unending support during School Board Appreciation Month!  
We also had a sneak peek of the upcoming Yelm High School musical.
School Board Appreciation Month
Cast of Urinetown
On January 10th, the Yelm Community Schools Board of Directors recognized Yelm High School Assistant Principal Laura Conklin with the Excellence in Leadership Award.  Laura and the Yelm counselors are leading the way in developing the learning, social-emotional growth, and college readiness of all students.
Excellence in Leadership Award  
The School Board also recognized a strong team of Yelm High School teachers who are providing an early pathway to college for their students.  Congratulations to Amy Stapleton and Paula Petersen.
Also Not pictured: Chelsea Altrum, Jeremiah Hume and Joel McMillan
YHS Teachers

On December 13th, the Yelm Community Schools Board of Directors presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Doug's Restaurant for their generous donation to Christmas in the Park.
Tracey Wood - Mr. Doug's Restaurant
The School Board also recognized the City's 2018 Youth of the Year Award Winners

City's 2018 Youth of the Year Award Winners







Abbie Dorhauer – Youth of Year & Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Addyson Wilson Heid – Youth of Year & Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Olivia Brownfield - Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Chloe Cason – Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Taylor Gubser – Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Rachel Hall – Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Brooklynn Hillemann – Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Kelsey Hinton – Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Ty Hummel – Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Hannah Jenny – Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Nathan Lovitt – Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Abigail Perry – Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Derrick Platt – Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner
Nikolas Woodin-San Martin – Youth Good Citizenship Award Winner 

On November 20th, the Yelm Community Schools Board of Directors presented 10 community members with the YCS Graduate Yelm Award for earning their high school diploma through the HS21+ program.  
Please join the board and district in congratulating the following outstanding graduates:
Angela Belew, Amber Berntsen, Cheyenne Chester, Veronica Cortez, Meghan Gifford, Mandy Joppa, Ashley Leanna, Carly Marshall, Helen Rhodes-White, Crystal Ritter
Graduate Yelm Award
The School Board also recognized teachers and staff members implementing the HS21+ program for their outstanding leadership.

South Puget Sound Community College
Annamary Fitzgerald, Faculty Member, Transition Studies
Dr. Michelle Andreas, Vice President for Instruction
Dawn Murphy, Associate Dean of Transition Studies
Angela Holley, Transition Specialist
Kelly Green, Chief Communications & Legislative Affairs Officer

Yelm Timberland Library
Nicole Thode, Manager

South Sound YMCA
Sarah Clinton, Executive Director of Advancement
Brenda Banning, Senior Director of Youth and Community Development and Licensed Care
Anita James, Childcare Provider

Yelm Community Schools
Ann Cross, Yelm High School Teacher

HS21+ Program Teachers and Staff

On October 25th, the Board of Directors celebrated 53 educators for outstanding contributions to Yelm Community Schools! 
The individuals below were recognized for serving in mentoring roles to support educator professional development and 
student learning and achievement.
Teacher Leaders

FORT STEVENSChantal Hollatschek, Erin Kennelly, Erinn Lawson, Kelsey Mahan, Ruth Dowies, Youphine Phiphakhine

LACKAMAS: Christian Kerrigan, Tracy Cummings. Janet Enlow, Daria McCracken, Erin Price, Krishanna Armstrong, Sean Sturgill

MCKENNADonna McCarty, George Goss, Kate Gurnsey, Kim Merrick, Rachelle Peone, Stephanie Cook

MILL PONDCindy James, Esther Campbell, Kandis Jarvis, Renata Nontell, Stacy Nelson, Tara Longfellow, Tricia Bonham

PRAIRIEErika Morisset, Mindy Watson, Shannon Oakes, Susan McLaughlin

SOUTHWORTHAnne Weston, Becca Huttman, Kim Russo, Rebecca Cook

RIDGELINEBecky Bingham, Colleen Sarmiento, Jerry Price, Tim Beaudin

YELM MIDDLE SCHOOLAnna Garrison, Denyelle Noble-Wolf, Justin Overlie, Mary Rivera, Mike Riley, Sheri Roe 

YELM HIGH SCHOOLAimee Lanteigne, Dusty Nash, Jeremiah Hume, Lori Mitchell, Matt Mounts, Sarah Mulkey

K12 EDHeather Curry, Julie Schulze

The School Board also presented a certificate of achievement to Yelm High School ASB student leaders and advisors.

YHS ASB Leaders

On October 11th, the Yelm Community Schools Board of Directors presented 51 teachers with a certificate of Teaching Excellence
The individuals below were recognized for leading their students to exemplary levels of learning and achievement on the
Smarter Balanced Assessments in ELA and math and the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science.

Linda Crawford: 3rd math; Ruth Dowies: 3rd ELA, math; Erinn Lawson: 3rd ELA, math; Ashley Dykes: 4th ELA, math; 
Cynthia Larsen: 4th math; Kelsey Mahan: 5th ELA, math; Emily Walsh: 5th math and science
Fort Stevens Elementary

Krishanna Armstrong: 3rd ELA, math; Starla Watson: 3rd ELA, math; Christian Kerrigan: 4th ELA, math;
Erin Price: 4th ELA; Kay Armenta: 5th math; Sean Sturgill: 5th science
Lackamas Elementary

Kim Merrick: 3rd math; Mary Polasky: 3rd ELA, math; Julie Richardson: 3rd ELA, math; Stephanie Cook: 4th ELA;
Myrna Porter: 4th ELA; Toni Sadlowski: 5th ELA, science; Donna McCarty: 5th ELA
McKenna Elementary

Tricia Bonham: 4th math; Cindy James: 5th ELA, math, science
Mill Pond Elementary

Cyndy Johnson: 3rd ELA; Amy DeMeire:  4th ELA, math; Natasha Harrison: 5th ELA, math, science;
Julierose Shepherd-Gaw: ELA, science; Tabatha Sand: 4th math
Prairie Elementary

Ali Mayer: 3rd math; Kaylyne Stockton: 3rd ELA, math; Anne Weston: 4th math;
Cynthia Garrison-5th ELA, science

Kathy Schouweiler: 6th math; Sarah Johnson: 7th math, 8th math; Sara Hume: 8th math; Jana Ogden: 8th science;
Stephanie Ryder: 8th science; Gregory Saunders: 8th ELA
Ridgeline Middle School  

Denyelle Noble-Wolf: 6th math; Sara Larsen: 7th ELA; Justine Bremgartner: 7th math; Jacqueline Hawkins: 7th math; Gabe Cadero-Smith: 8th math;
Anna Garrison: 8th ELA; Justin Overlie: 8th science
Yelm Middle School


Celena Gilbert: 10th ELA; Jennifer Petersen: 10th ELA; Michael Munro: 10th ELA; Erika Hedegard: 11th science;
Bryan Wooldridge: 11th science
Yelm High School

Lisa Todisco; Melissa Bergh & Pat Tuininga
Yelm High School