RMS Booster Club

  • Ridgeline Booster Club welcomes you! The Parent Booster Club is a wonderful support group to encourage parent and student participation and to raise funds to enhance and expand the Academic, Social and Athletic programs that are available to each individual student at Ridgeline Middle School.

    Why Join the RMS Booster Club
    Ridgeline Booster Club is currently seeking to fill board position(s).

    What Qualities Make a Great Booster Club!
    Supporting our students in their academic, social and athletic endeavors is our number one priority. We invite you to be part of this exciting opportunity by attending a Booster Club meeting, and or assisting at Club-sponsored events.

    If you have questions, please email rmsboosterclubinfo@gmail.com


Want to Volunteer?

  • If you are interested in being part of the Parent Booster Club, please fill out our Contact Form.

    Areas where you could help:

    Booster Club Meeting Attendance
    Teen Dance Chaperone
    Project Lead
    Stormy Store 

    To volunteer, you must be cleared through the district. Click this link Online Volunteer Application for volunteer approval if not done so already.  


      October 20, 2023
      January 12, 2024
      March 15, 2024
      June 7, 2024

      August 29, 2023
      September 11, 2023
      October 9, 2023
      November 13, 2023
      December 11, 2023
      January 8, 2024
      February 12, 2024
      March 11, 2024
      April 8, 2024
      May 6, 2024
      June 10, 2024

    If you would like to support the Ridgeline Booster Club Stormy Store, there is a signup form for you to be involved. This is an important incentive for our students and they look forward to the Stormy Store each week! Sign up below.

    'We Need A Hero' Link: Stormy Store Volunteer Sign-up

    To volunteer, you must be cleared through the district. See the link below for volunteer approval if not done so already. Online Volunteer Application

    Please email rmsboosterclubinfo@gmail.com if you are interested or have questions.
    Booster CLub President