2021-22 McKenna Elementary Student Handbook

  • Dear McKenna Families,

    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child (ren) into our McKenna
    Elementary School community for the 2021-22 school year.   I feel extremely fortunate to
    be able to work alongside the amazing staff at McKenna!  If you are returning then you
    already know what a great school we have.  If you are new to McKenna, you will find our
    school is outstanding for many reasons.  First, we have hard working and dedicated staff
    members that genuinely care about their students and plan meaningful and engaging lessons
    for your child (ren).  Next, we have AWESOME students!  McKenna Mountain Lions work on a
    different character trait each month as they learn and grow.

    Finally, McKenna parents are the best!  They support the teachers and the school and are
    actively involved in the daily activities within the school.  Our staff encourages and appreciates
    your involvement at school whether it is through classroom assistance, PTA activities, or active
    communication with your child’s teacher.  We hope to see and hear from you often.  Please sign
    up to volunteer and remember to join our PTA!

    This year, we are focusing on a program called No Excuses University.  This motivating
    program is way for the staff at McKenna to set up six exceptional systems to help all students
    achieve.  Along with these six systems, comes the belief that every student deserves the opportunity
    to be educated in a way that prepares them for college if they so choose to attend.  Each classroom
    has adopted a University and teachers take time each month to talk about college and careers.  We
    want our students to know that the road to college begins here at McKenna!

    This handbook was developed as a communication link between the Yelm School District, McKenna
    Elementary School, and you.  I hope it provides the necessary information, explanation of procedures
    and outlines policies that are critical to a successful operation. 

    Again, welcome!  I value open communication so please feel free to contact me.   I would love to meet you! 


    Kari Martin, Principal