Transfers & Nonresident Requests

  • Approval or denial of transfer requests is based on criteria outlined in board policy 3131 for resident and 3141 for nonresident students.
    Key Dates for 2023-2024 Student Transfer Requests to attend Yelm Community Schools
    FIRST ROUND - February 15 to March 15, 2023
    Applications received by March 15 will be given first priority and will be notified of the district decision by March 31. New applications may be subject to a wait list and should register at their resident school until a decision is made.
    SECOND ROUND - March 16 to April 15, 2023
    Applications received by April 15 will be given second priority and notified of the district decision by April 30.  New applications may be subject to a wait list and should register at their resident school until a decision is made. 
    After April 15 through the First Day of School
    Applications received after April 15 will be considered in August on a case-by-case basis and may have to wait until actual enrollment counts in September before receiving notification. 

    School Capacity and Waiting Lists
    Many of our schools are experiencing over-crowding in some grade levels. This limits their ability to accept transfer students. Students denied based on capacity will be assigned to their resident school and placed on a waiting list for their requested school and notified if a space becomes available. Consideration of transfers from waiting lists typically does not occur until late August or early September.
    Parents will provide transportation for students who voluntarily attend a school outside their attendance area.

    A Note About "Feeder" Schools
    Something to think about before requesting a transfer is that our elementary schools have designated "feeder" middle schools. If you request an elementary school that feeds into a middle school outside of your home attendance school, you will either have to continue to request transfers and transport your child to and from school, or your child will have to separate from his or her peer group when moving up to middle school.

    Yelm Middle School - Fort Stevens Elementary, McKenna Elementary, Southworth Elementary

    Ridgeline Middle School - Lackamas Elementary, Mill Pond Elementary, Prairie Elementary

    State Laws on Family Choice
    Learning by Choice  (a publication created by the state Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction)

Within District Transfer

Nonresident Choice Transfer Request

  • Most school districts use the Washington State Choice Transfer Request Portal to submit the Release of Attendance electronically. Please contact your resident school district to inquire about their release forms and process.  If your district does not use electronic submissions, please obtain a signed Release of Attendance from your current resident school district before bringing it to our district office or email it to  Debbie Stillwell.

    For students who live in the Yelm Community Schools District and would like to attend a neighboring district, complete a Choice Transfer Request on the Washington State Choice Transfer Request Portal or contact the non-resident school district for a copy of a Choice Transfer Request form if they require a paper form.  

Choice Transfer Request to Online School