1850 Strategic Plan

  • The elements of the district’s strategic plan are:

    A.  Vision Statements – Vision statements shall be developed that address various subjects such as curriculum, facilities, technology acquisition, student needs and alternative resources, and other relevant issues. The aggregate of the vision statements shall describe the preferred future that would be achieved by the district if resources were infinite. Based on these visions, the district shall proceed to establish the other components of the strategic plan.

    B.  Beliefs – The district shall identify the values that are the foundation of the district. The beliefs shall be broad based and reflect the district’s fundamental convictions about education. The belief statements shall form the heart of the education value system.

    C.  Mission – From the belief statements, a concise mission statement shall be drawn that describes the basic purpose and direction of the district. The mission statement is consistent with the district’s vision and shall focus on a common purpose.

    D.  Environmental Scanning – Internal and external environmental scanning is a continual process that identifies relevant internal and external information as factors that affect the district, and its strategic plan. The scanning process shall develop a common perception of the school district through honest and open dialogue among and between the Board, Staff, community leaders, parents and students.

    1. Internal Environmental Scanning and Analysis: In this phase of the scanning process the district shall identify and analyze the following: strengths and weaknesses of programs, facilities and resources (e.g. people, knowledge, equipment and funds); and trends, such as educational research or management and governance issues and practices.

    2. External Environmental Scanning and Analysis: In this phase of the scanning process the district shall analyze the external environment including businesses and other public and private organizations, such as colleges and social agencies. Specifically, the phase shall identify: strengths and weaknesses in neighborhood composition, business support and growth, job mix, employment rates and tax base; and trends in technology, demographics, politics and the economy.

    E.  Goals, Target Objectives and Strategies – These elements of the strategic plan establish the means of governing and administering the districts in compliance with the district’s goals shall be definitive statements of intention or direction based on the district’s vision and shall contain specific outcome(s). The goals shall take into account the data from the environmental scanning. Goals shall be targeted for completion within five years.

    For each goal a series of specific target objectives shall be established that provide measured steps (short, medium and long-range activities or events) toward the completion of the goal. The main purpose of target objectives are to design around obstacles and build in opportunities in advancing a goal by employing, redirecting, or creating resources. The target objectives shall address the issues of how to accomplish the goals, shall set deadlines and shall identify responsible personnel and resources. Target objects are specific, measurable, time-related and achievable.

    Strategies are the means by which goals and target objectives shall be attained. A strategy can apply to more than one goal, for example the marketing and public relations strategy may apply to number of goals.

    F.  Strategic Actions Plan – Shall be developed by action planning task forces made up of staff and community volunteers and are to assure that the goals and target objectives are attained. The strategic action plans shall establish the detailed sequence of events and identify the resources to be employed in implementing the strategic plan.

    Strategic action plans shall identify specific activities needed to achieve the specified result, the result personnel who will be involved and responsible, the resources needed and the time line.

    Specific action steps to marshal resources shall include: Identifying financial requirements, labor and volunteers, facilities and equipment, and source material; partnerships can be considered to obtain needed resources.

    ADOPTED: 12/16/2004