Welcome from Principal Perez

  • Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, and Guests:

    Welcome to the home of the “Lightning" at Lackamas Elementary. We are incredibly excited about the start of a new school year and look forward to working with our families as we pursue Yelm Community Schools’ mission of being a community dedicated to learning and achievement.

    We are proud to call ourselves the Lightning and continually seek to “Learn, Lead, and Succeed". To this end, we provide an environment encouraging rich learning experiences addressing the specific needs of our students.  We continually emphasize what we call the Lackamas Hi-5:  Safe, Respectful, Responsible, Kind and Ready to Learn.

    Students are recognized with Hi-5 tickets for demonstrating these traits.  These valuable tickets are then used to purchase special rewards.  Individual students and entire classes can be found teaming up and combining tickets to purchase big items like extra PE time, borrowing another teacher to teach, etc.

    As we embark on the new school year, we will be working to emphasize the idea that there is a reason for attending school beyond the legal requirements.  Our purpose is to provide students with a vision of what their future could be and then to provide the tools necessary to make that vision a reality.  We will be talking about careers and educational opportunities beyond high school.  If we can help students develop a strong vision of where they are going in life, they will be more likely to demonstrate a growth mindset, persevering through difficulties.  You may see evidence of this effort as you walk the school.  Flags and banners representing a variety of universities will be on display, students may be heard learning/singing/chanting school songs and participating in career based lessons.  These outward displays are only the surface.  Lackamas teachers and staff will be developing a school-wide culture of universal achievement.  Our work in this area will include the establishment of some high goals for student achievement, eliminating excuses for lack of progress and looking for solutions, and developing consistent rules and expectations across the entire school.
    Education is a partnership between school and home. This partnership is a vital link in our efforts to provide quality educational experiences.  At Lackamas, we encourage and invite all parents/guardians to join us as we work together to create an exciting year of learning for all children.

    I hope you will find the content of this website helpful, if you can’t find the information that you are looking for feel free to call the office (360-894-6000) and we would be glad to assist.


    Shauna Perez
    Lackamas Principal

Last Modified on June 10, 2022