Native Education Program (Title VI)

  • pow wow Yelm Community Schools' Native Education Program is funded by a formula grant from the Office of Native Education under the Department of Education (Title VI of the Every Student Succeeds Act), Impact Aid, and Nisqually Tribe Johnson O'Malley Funds.

    Native Education Liaison, Sandra Gordon
    YHS Main Office (360) 458-7777
    YHS Fax (360) 458-6198
    **Email is preferred method of contact**

    Parent Survey:
    At Yelm Community Schools, we value your opinion and want to better understand how Native families and local Tribal officials feel about the work we are doing. The Native Student/Family Needs Assessment is open from November 1 to November 22, 2019.  Please take a moment to provide feedback and recommendations about the YCS Native Education Program, and all YCS educational programs/activities. All feedback is anonymous, so please guide other Native parents/guardians to access this survey.  We appreciate your time and input! 

    YCS Native Student/Family Needs Assessment

    Native Education Links
    OSPI Office of Native Education Resources
    Smithsonian's Native Knowledge 360

Program Services

    • Advocacy for students and parents in all school related matters
    • Free school supplies, education related financial assistance, and social services referrals
    • Native culture lessons and activities coordination
    • Native American Youth Leadership Academy (9-12 grade)
    • Assistance with academic support and attendance monitoring
    • College/career exploration and access to Native scholarships
    • Consult with parents of Native children and local tribal officials in the development of YCS education programs and activities

Program Goals

    • To improve attendance and academic success of Native students
    • Encourage self-identity and cultural pride in Native Students
    • Build staff awareness about cultural values/contemporary issues relevant to Native students
    • Increase post-secondary options through Native focused college and career readiness activities
    • Integrate Native culture lessons and activities for students, teachers, and families
    • Increase parental participation in program and school activities
  • Students must be enrolled in Yelm Community Schools and parents/guardians must complete a Title VI Student Eligibility Certification Form (ED Form 506) to receive program benefits and services. Forms may be obtained from your child's school, this link Title VI ED 506 form, or an email request to Title VI Native Education Program office.
    The following information must be included in the form for EACH eligible child:

    • Student name and birthdate (as listed in school records)
    • Name of Federally recognized Tribe or Alaskan Village/Corporation
    • Tribal Enrollment number or copy of enrollment card
    • Name of Tribal member (child, child's natural parent, or natural grandparent)
    • Parent or guardian signature and date

    If you have any questions about ED Form 506, need assistance in completing this form, or have questions about Tribes, Bands or Organized Indian Groups, please contact Native Education Liaison Sandra Gordon by email