What is Graduate Yelm!?

  • Graduate Yelm! Graduate Yelm! is Yelm Community Schools collective impact campaign to help our students achieve 100 percent graduation rates. It’s a program where our community members, non-profit and business leaders, and local government officials come together as one to mentor students and ensure students are prepared to graduate. Our network collaboratively instills a positive, life-long approach to education, beginning in kindergarten and continuing beyond high school graduation.

How Do Partners Benefit?

  • Graduate Yelm! partners are never required but are always the first to be invited to professional development events that provide students real-world experiences. Partners are also subscribed to our Graduate Yelm! newsletter which highlights member efforts and keeps partners current on all of the latest happenings. We ask that you provide insight into your education, training and career, and help us change the language from “if you graduate” to “when you graduate.”

How Do You Become a Partner?

  • We’d love to have you hop on board with us! We’re not asking for anything other than your commitment to join our effort of encouraging students to stay engaged in education. To join our network, please email Community Relations Coordinator Sophia Struna or call 360.458.6106.