• 2/16/18: At 1pm today, Thurston County posted a combined result of 58.99%. While a few ballots will continue to come in or be verified due to signature issues, it is unlikely that we will reach the required 60% approval rating. The school board will reflect on the information and begin working with the community to determine the next steps. Thank you all for your support and encourage you to stay involved in our schools.

    2/14/18: Ballot count today showed some improvement in both counties. However, total is at 59.09%. Next count will be tomorrow at 5pm.

    2/13/18: Thank you to all who cast your ballots. Polls closed at 8pm, and ballots will continue to be counted from the mail and drop boxes. New results will be posted Wednesday at 5pm. Currently the results combined from both counties are 58.92%.

Southworth Elementary
    • 62,500 sq ft to serve 600 students
    • Two story construction 
    • Removal of 12 portables
    • Improved drop-off and pick-up
    • Additional field space 
    • Upgraded technology systems

Yelm Middle School
    • 95,000 sq ft to serve 750 students
    • Two story construction 
    • Removal of 14 portables
    • Located on Solberg and Coates
    • Sidewalks and lighting along Solberg
    • Upgraded technology systems
    • Additional field space after all projects are complete
Prairie Elementary
    • Rebuild on existing footprint and add 10,000 sq ft
    • Removal of 8 portables
    • New HVAC and internal systems
    • Doors on classrooms
    • New office design
    • Improved drop-off and pick-up
    • Updated technology systems