District Initiatives

  • Board Goals from YCS Strategic Plan

    1. Yelm Community Schools will become an exemplary school district on all academic performance measures.
    2. Each student will be on a path (starting in kindergarten) to graduation, continuing education and work.
    3. Each student will learn in a modern classroom equipped with the tools necessary to achieve at exemplary levels.
    4. We will recruit and retain a committed and highly trained work force.
    5. We will successfully manage the current and future growth of our student population.

    How do we achieve these goals?

    Continuous School Improvement Planning

    Each school creates and implements a school improvement plan each year. This plan contains a climate goal and an instructional goal. Our school improvement plans follow the accountability established by ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) and the state of Washington.  
    The climate goal responds to the question, “What will the school community do this year to build increased commitment to a culture of universal achievement?” The goal refers to actions taken by staff, students and families to build a belief that all students can and will grow in their school performance, their commitment to a positive school climate, and a commitment to supporting students and families.

    To support schools in their school culture work, the following support structures are available:

    Instructional Goal

    The instructional goal targets student achievement to an even greater level. Schools plan actions designed to increase proficiency and growth measures on the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA).

    Incoming 9th grade students have graduation requirements, often called the 24 credit requirements or the College and Career Ready Diploma. All subsequent classes will work toward these new and increased requirements. Our instructional programs and professional development for staff are critical in helping students meet grade level standards each year. Students who earn the College and Career Ready Diploma will have the skills and knowledge necessary to make their choice for post-graduation learning which could include college, the military, technical schools or apprenticeship programs. 

    To support schools in their instructional work, the following support structures are available:


  • District Mission:
    Communities Dedicated to Learning and Achievement
    District Vision:
    Yelm Community Schools is a welcoming, safe, student-centered, and collaborative learning environment. In partnership with parents, students, and community leaders, YCS staff members are dedicated to helping all students meet performance expectations and achieve their full learning potential.