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    Yelm Community Schools is a welcoming, safe, student-centered, and collaborative learning environment. In partnership with parents, students, and community leaders, YCS staff members are dedicated to helping all students meet performance expectations and achieve their full learning potential.

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    107 First Street North, PO Box 476, Yelm, WA 98597
    Phone: 360.458.1900
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  • Regular Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    See Office Hours for summer/vacation hours.
    Closed for the following Holidays:
    Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving (Thurs. & Fri.), Christmas Eve & Day, New Year's Eve & Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day

Strategic Plan, Beliefs and Goals

  • The 2017-2021 Strategic Plan was adopted by our school board in January 2017.  The board chose to keep the current mission and vision in place as it represents work completed by school and community members who developed the previous plan.  The beliefs that provide the foundation for this bold plan state that we will be:

    Student Centered:  Inspire all students to achieve a College and Career Ready Diploma
    Learning Focused:  Lead a culture of high achievement for all students
    Results Oriented:  Grow each day as students, teachers, and leaders in our learning organization
    Community Connected:  Foster relationships working side-by-side with students, families and community
    The mission, vision and beliefs led the board to establish five goals that will guide our work through 2021.  Our commitment is that all our work will support the goals to keep us focused, transparent and consistent year to year. 
    The five school board goals are:
    1. Yelm Community Schools will become an exemplary school district on all academic performance measures.
    2. Each student will be on a path (starting in kindergarten) to graduation, continuing education and work.
    3. Each student will learn in a modern classroom equipped with the tools necessary to achieve at exemplary levels.
    4. We will recruit and retain a committed and highly trained work force.
    5. We will successfully manage the current and future growth of our student population.

    Please visit our Strategic Plan page.  We have posted significant information about the performance of our schools and our students in the performance measures section. 

About Our District

  • Yelm Community Schools is an exciting and vibrant district.  Our 10 schools are committed to success, to serving families and to continuous improvement.  When school opens in September, we expect to serve more than 5,900 students on 10 campuses. Last year we completed a configuration change that moved 9th graders up to the high school campus and 6th graders to our middle school campuses.  For 2018-19 most of the classroom space created by moving students has been filled because of growth and class size requirements.

    Growth in our district and community has also led to facilities changes in the district.  This past summer we built a 1,300 foot access road to the south of Yelm High School creating a second entrance to the campus.  The new road, named Tornado Alley, will increase safety by directing student and parent drop off traffic off Yelm Avenue and onto Tahoma Boulevard.  It is estimated that 400 fewer cars per day will use to main entrance to campus from Yelm Avenue, thus easing traffic in the mornings and afternoons.  Additionally planning and preparation are underway to add portable classrooms at Lackamas and Southworth Elementary Schools because of increasing enrollment.  

    Yelm Community Schools is the region’s largest employer.  Our staffing will exceed 740 employees with a monthly payroll of more than $5 million.  We are the fourth largest school district in Thurston County, serving communities in Yelm, McKenna, Roy, the Nisqually Indian Reservation and parts of the Lacey suburbs.  In total, Yelm Community Schools spans 192 square miles in Thurston and Pierce Counties.

    During the past school year, Yelm expanded education services through multiple partnerships.  First, we joined with the city in an initiative called Graduate Yelm! which promotes graduation readiness for all students in the community.  We also partnered with South Puget Sound Community College and Central Washington University and now provide one of the state’s most comprehensive College in the High School programs.  Our students benefit by being able to work toward an AA degree or get a head start on their 4 year degree while staying on the Yelm High School campus. We intend to grow this program even more this year.  We will also offer adult college courses, taught by SPSCC staff on our high school campus. Lastly, we will also partner with SPSCC to bring an adult high school diploma program, called HS21+ to Yelm.

    We are also very excited to continue our partnership with TOGETHER! of Thurston County to provide resources for families on our middle school campuses.  Each middle school has a family resource center where students can obtain food, hygiene items, clothes, blankets and more if needed. This year our partnership will focus on mental and physical health needs for students.  Free or low cost sports physicals will be available this summer.

    As you can see there is a lot happening in our district!  Please take time to view our district website, along with the websites of our individual schools.  There is incredible information posted that shows our district’s commitment to students and families.

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