Message from the Principal


    Dear Ridgeline Families,

    Thank you for visiting our website, and welcome to Ridgeline Middle School in the 2021-2022 school year!

    We look forward to seeing students 5 days per week this year and returning to a regular schedule of 6 classes per day. Students and staff will be required to wear face coverings, and we will take social distancing precautions. We will work hard to welcome students back to school in a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment. We will create a space of belonging where students will be accepted for who they are and where they are at, yet also be challenged to be their best selves.

    We call our community the “RMS Family” because we want our school family to be an extension of your family. We want to serve you in times of joy, happiness, and triumph, but also in times of challenge, grief, and struggle. Academic learning and growth are our bottom line, yet we also understand that educating students means being attentive to the “whole child” and caring about their social and emotional well-being.

    Our teachers and staff love middle school-age students, and we love to be a part of their learning and growth during these crucial years of development. We love having parents in our school and contributing to our positive school culture, whether that is mostly online or in-building this year. Parents and community are a big part of who we are, and we want you to help us tell our story

    Please share with us your perspectives and let us know how things are going for you and your child at Ridgeline. You can email me anytime at or call our office at 360-458-1100.

    Visit our RMS Twitter page and “Follow” our school account @Ridgeline_MS if you have your own Twitter account. We update this page regularly with insights into what’s going on schoolwide and in our classrooms.

    Our website is also a valuable source of information. Every message that we send out to families can be found on our website, along with our newsletters and other important information.

    Ridgeline Middle School is a community school. We are a place of learning, belonging, growth, and support for students, families, and community. Thank you for being a part of our community and school! Let us know how we can help make your RMS experience even better!

    We look forward to hearing from you!



    Craig Curry
    Ridgeline Principal