School Performance Report

    To positively impact the learning and growth of the whole child by knowing every student by name, number, need, strength, and story. 

    Our Vision: We aim to be leaders of learning and community engagement by always improving how we provide support, challenge, and hope for all the students and families we serve. 

    Our Pledge: We are committed to creating a school that believes in all students and knows no limits to their academic success.

    Our Goal: All RMS students will be on a path to on-time graduation and ready to enact their post-secondary plan.

    Every staff member at RMS believes that:

    • All students are capable of achieving learning goals and we, the staff, have the power to make that happen.
    • All means all: staff must provide each student the tools needed to be successful, and we will all work together to make that happen.
    • We must provide both a high-challenge and a high-support approach to learning and teaching for students to reach their highest potential.
    • We must believe in our students and help them to believe in themselves.
    • All students deserve respect, all students are worthy and capable, and all students can succeed.
    • Everyone in the building is a learner, both students and staff.
    • We must show joy and possibility in our work every day.
    • Positive relationships are necessary for learning and academic growth.
    • All subjects are important, and all teachers have a role in student achievement.
    • Every child is unique and has a gift to offer the world, and we will work to create systems to help students find, develop, and share their gifts with the world.

    Ridgeline Middle School (RMS) provides a safe learning environment for each student. Our school covenant is developed around our school mascot, the STORM. Used as an acronym, S.T.O.R.M. represents the understanding that the staff supports the belief that every student is capable of being Successful, Trustworthy, Organized, Respectful and Motivated. Our students and staff sign a STORM Pledge which unites our school and supports our belief that every child should be educated in a safe environment. Our school rewards program encourages student success in the areas of academics, student behavior and attendance. The extra curricular activities offered at RMS inspire students in the areas of athletics, the arts and academics. The parents, staff and members of our community work together, to provide a positive educational experience for each of our students.

Learning Focused

Results Oriented

Student Centered

  • Inspire all students to achieve a College & Career Ready Diploma


    7th grade begins High School and Beyond Plan
    8th grade tour of YHS
    8th grade "Career Cruising" and "High School and Beyond Planning"
    8th grade "Transition Night" and High School Registration
    8th grade tour of YHS
    After School Tutoring
    ASB, Athletics and Leadership
    AVID, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a college readiness program designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college.
    Career Speakers
    College Bound ScholarshipHomeroom College Pep Rally
    Hours of Code
    NEU - No Excuses University School

Community Connected

  • Foster relationships working side-by-side with students, families and community


    Graduate Yelm!
    Dairy Queen
    LB Steele Cabinet Company
    Leavitt Orthodontics
    Les Schwab
    Olympia Federal Savings
    Prairie Hotel
    Stewart's Meat Market
    Today's Dental Center
    Yelm Domino's
    Yelm Prairie Dental