Family Access Information

In an effort to improve login security of Skyward, your Family/Student Access password needs to meet the following requirements:
• 8-15 characters
• One character must be a capital letter
• One character must be a lower case letter
• One character must be special (e.g. #,%,+,=,$,&,@,?,!)
• Numbers can be used, but all the above must also be met
The administration and staff at Yelm Community Schools recognize that many parents would like to play a greater role in their child’s education. To make it easier for you to get involved, we are providing you with the ability to view student information anytime, day or night.
The software that makes this possible is our student information system, known as Skyward Family Access. Family Access is available through the website found at   ...   there is also link to Family Access at the top of every page on this web site. 
To set up your account, please submit a request for a user ID and password by sending an email to:  (note there is an underscore between "family" and "access": "family_access"). If the link above doesn't work, copy and paste it into a new message in your personal email service provider (e.g., GMail, Yahoo, HotMail, etc.).
  • SUBJECT LINE:  name of the school your child attends.
  • BODY OF MESSAGE:  parent's full name, child's full namefamilyaccess2

(Your child must be an active student in our school to provide you with Family Access.)

Your user ID and password will be returned to the email address you are using to submit the request. If you prefer to have us respond to a different email address, other than the one you are using to submit the request, please indicate that in your email. If your email gets rejected by our security system, please contact our support desk at (360) 458-6232 with your request, and inform them that you need to have your email address "white listed." Please be aware that requests made during high volume times, such as at the beginning of the school year, will take longer to process.  

Last Modified on July 15, 2009