• Welcome to Southworth,

    We opened our new building the fall 2022.  We had a great year this last year and look forward to the start of the 2023-2024 school year.  This last year, we served over 650 students with 5 classes of kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.  We had 4 classes at third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade.  We proudly serve the students and families of the Yelm Community.  Our students in grades K-2 see five specialists each week: Technology, Art, Music, PE and PE2 which focuses on physical activity and Social Emotional Awareness.  Students in grades 3-5 see four specialists each week:  Technology, Art, Music and PE.  We have and celebrate a large population of Nisqually students that take part in a monthly language program and a large population of students with active military parents.  We are a No Excuses University and a Kids at Hope School.  This means we believe that all kids can learn and have the potential to not only graduate high school, but go on to attend college or trade school.  Our school is built around our four pillars: 

    Family: Represented by the Tree symbol. The cedar tree is tall and deep roots. We
    believe that our kids will succeed if we work in partnership with our families.

    : Represented by the Salmon symbol. We believe in building learning communities
    and supporting students in learning how each person (student or adult) supports
    and contributes to the community (class, school, town).

    : Represented by the river symbol. We believe that all students need to
    understand how service to self and others helps them support their family and
    the community.

    : Represented by snow covered mountain, or Mt. Rainer. We believe that all
    students can learn and achieve their dreams. We will help set students up for
    success and show them the pathway to high school graduation starting in

    As a Kids at Hope School we practice the Kids at Hope pledge with our students each morning
    to help build a sense of community:

    I am a Kid at Hope.
    I am talented, smart and capable of success.
    I have dreams for the future and I will climb to reach those goals and dreams every day.
    All children are capable of success,
    No Exceptions!

    Our staff states the Treasure Hunter pledge to our students each morning to help building this
    community of learners each morning also:

    As an adult and a Treasure Hunter,
    I am committed to search for all the talents, skills and intelligence that exists in all
    children and youth.
    I believe all children are capable of success,
    No Exceptions!

    Thank you and I hope to see you soon,
    Mr. Cook

Last Modified on June 26, 2023