Principal Message

  • Dear Prairie Families,                                                                                                
    Prairie is an amazing school.  How do I know?  I just look at the kids.  Prairie kids are responsible, kind, and proud of their school.
    March 2020 changed our trajectory in a dramatic way.  Closing our building and transitioning to distance learning provided challenges for us all.  Yet, in spite of the changes, one thing remained the same, our people.  Our teachers continued to teach, our students to learn, and our families to support them both.  This past school year we had seven different first days of school as we moved slowly back to in person learning.  I am proud of the work we did last year and we are ready to bring our learning to the next level.  Our students deserve every opportunity we can provide.  

    Our end-of-the-year benchmark testing showed that while most students made growth, there is a gap from where we would normally be at this time.  Our teachers know that instruction must provide ample review and focus on the most critical learning standards. We added two additional teachers (kindergarten and second grade) to reduce class sizes as well as additional para educator hours for intervention.  We know our students will be able to make the gains necessary to get and keep them on track.  Their future depends on it!

    Great kids come from great families and ours are no exception.  Prairie parents value education and promote a positive attitude toward learning.  They are highly involved and true partners with our school.  They send their children prepared to meet the expectations of each day and provide never-ending support to ensure that it happens.   

    One of our greatest strengths is our dedicated staff.  They come to work every day committed to helping each student meet their full potential.   They care deeply for kids and have a passion for learning.  For them, kids come first, no exceptions. 

    Prairie Elementary is a beautiful building surrounded by trees and impeccably maintained grounds.  Our rural setting and large playground allow our student's ample room to run, play, and exercise their bodies as well as their minds. We underwent many safety upgrades last year (restructured parking lot, doors on classrooms, security cameras, a new entryway, and HVAC system).  All will be waiting and ready for you when we come back in the fall.

    I am proud to be the leader of this amazing school and welcome you to our family.  You can contact me at 360.458.3700.  My door is always open.

    Deb McLaren