• . *** Student Conduct/Behavior Expectations

    Southworth students follow STAR (Safe, Trustworthy, Achieve, & Respect), and teachers recognize students that show STAR in school.  
    Individual teachers also design their own motivational systems to encourage appropriate behavior.  Each teacher uses a multi-level system for addressing inappropriate behavior.
    The system includes:
               -Verbal or non-verbal warnings 
               -Removal to a calming corner within the classroom
               -Removal to another classroom for recovery
               -Removal from class for re-redirection or safety
    Students will be returned to class when they are ready to learn.  

    *If the student returns to the classroom but continues the inappropriate behavior, he/she may be sent home.  
    *If the student continues similar behaviors on subsequent days and is again sent to the office, suspension from school may occur.  
    *Parents will be contacted by the teacher of any student that displays conduct or behavioral issues.  
    *Preservation of the learning environment is important to students making academic progress.