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     On February 16 McKenna Elementary will be doing an event to raise money for the American Heart Association.  If each student brought $15, we would be able to break our all-time record of $7,246 raised in 2015.  If McKenna breaks the record, Mr. Goss will dye his hair pink.  Wear red and pink that day.  The top two fundraising classes will win ice cream with their lunch.

    Chances are you are related to or know someone that has had a heart attack or stroke.  Even if you don’t raise money, please fill out the hearts in with names of people known that have had any form of heart disease, surgery or other heart related problems.  Decorate and color your hearts and turn in by Friday, Feb. 16th to be part of the “in honor of” poster and get an opportunity to win a Jump Rope For Heart bonus prize.  Thank you.



    If you raised money online, bring a printed copy of the summary.  Go to http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Giving/ForIndividuals/JoinanEvent/jump-rope-sub-home_UCM_315609_SubHomePage.jsp , click student sign up.  Click on the Washington state, write McKenna in the search box, and click on McKenna Elementary.  On this page, click Check Reports then enter student name and password.  Print the report and return it with the donation envelope. Thanks again for being a Heart Hero!



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