• Our mission is to support the YMS school improvement plan by providing a comprehensive school counseling program which will prepare each student to reach their academic, career, and social-emotional potential, giving equity, inclusion, and promoting sense of belonging for all students. We teach equity while building collaborative relationships with parents, family, staff, and community members to create foundations for student success.


  • The Yelm Middle School counseling program Vision is to  support a collaborative culture of educational excellence in which every student is actively learning, valuing self and others, and achieving in the areas of academia, personal growth and career and college readiness. While building successful, lifelong learners, our students will obtain the skills to achieve their fullest potential, making a positive difference in our school, community, and having a global impact.


    • We support the achievement of every student regardless of race, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation. 
    • We believe every student deserves to be listened to and heard.  
    • We believe all students have access to their school counselor for support and guidance in the areas of academics, personal/social and career exploration.
    • We believe that collaboration with stakeholders is essential in providing a quality education to meet the individual needs of all students.
    • We believe there needs to be a place for those students who struggle with common issues to find guidance and companionship in this school setting.
    • We believe racism is a national health crisis contributing to primary and secondary trauma in our students of color.  
    • We believe all students regardless of background, language differences, socioeconomic status, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation/gender deserve to come to school and feel safe, having the opportunity to learn free from harassment, intimidation and bullying.


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