• We hope this guide will answer all of your questions as you decide what high school courses to register for next year.  Students should choose courses that support their post-secondary plan. The process of selecting courses will include student-supported completion of individual credit checks, counselor presentations regarding college/career readiness, and students engaging in making informed decisions.

    The courses in this guide will be offered next year only if enough students register this spring to fill a class.  It is very important students and parents take spring registration seriously because students will be committed to their schedules. Student requested courses will go through a final review with parents/guardians during Student Led Conferences in the Spring.

Full Schedule Requirement

  • All students are required to take six courses per semester.  Schedule changes will be done only under extreme circumstances and require the use of a required form must meet specific criteria to be considered:  

    • Incorrect Placement
    • Student already completed course
    • Student failed a course and needs to retake for graduation
    • Missing a class for graduation
    • Missing a class from the schedule

Scheduling Guidelines