• Kindergarten 

    1 Emergency Kit***

    1 Supply Box-hard sided


    Do not label-classroom community use:  

    6-8 glue sticks 

    2 pkgs. crayons (24 pack) 

    4 beginner pencil (such as “My First Ticonderoga”) 

    1 1” 3-ring binders, (white) w/plastic sleeve on front for cover 

    1 plastic 2-pocket  folder (yellow

    1 pair kids safety scissors

    4 dry erase markers (black)

    1 pink pearl eraser

    2-3  Playdoh 

    Kindergarten Wish List: 

    1 box facial tissues 

    1 pkg. baby wipes 

    1 watercolor set 

    1 bottle hand sanitizer (12 oz. or larger) 

    Clorox wipes 


    First Grade

    1 Emergency Kit*** 

    Do not label-classroom community use:                        2 pkgs Ticonderoga brand pencils 

    4 dry erase markers*- Colorful markers appreciated 

    1 large bottle of hand sanitizer* 

    2 boxes of tissues* 

    1 pkg baby wipes 

    4 pkgs glue sticks 


    Please label with name for individual use:

    1 pencil box 

    1 pack Crayola markers* 

    2 pink pearl erasers 

    1 pair of kid safety scissors 

    1 box of crayons (24 pack) 

    First Grade Wish List: 

    disinfectant wipes 

    Ziploc bags (gallon and sandwich) slide tops preferred 

    white address labels 

    ream of colored paper (printer) 

    heavy duty sheet protectors 

    extra Clorox wipes 

    watercolor paint in the tray (no bottles) 

    treasure box prizes 

    Sharpie brand gold or silver pens  

    1 Playdoh


    Second Grade

    1  Emergency Kit***


    Do not label-classroom community use: 

    2 pkgs. Ticonderoga pencils 

    2 pkgs pink pearl erasers 

    2 glue sticks 

    1 box of Crayola crayons 

    1 box of colored pencils 

    1  1” binder 

    1 spiral notebook 

    1 composition book 

    1 box facial tissues 

    Second Grade Wish List: 

    1 ream of colored paper (printer) 

    1 Clorox wipes

    1 Playdoh


    Third Grade

    1 Emergency Kit*** 

    Do not label-classroom community use:          2 pkgs Ticonderoga pencils 

    2 pkgs of pink pearl erasers 

    2 glue sticks 

    1 pair of scissors 

    1 box Crayola crayons 

    1 spiral notebook 

    1 composition book (black and white) 

    1 box  facial tissues 

    1  1” floppy binder 

    2 fine tip dry erase markers 

    1 folder 


    Third Grade Wish List:

    colored printer paper

    page protectors


    Fourth Grade 

    1 Emergency Kit*** 

    3 spiral notebooks (different solid colors)

    1 pair scissors

    1 pack colored pencils

    1 pack of skinny markers

    1 pack of pencil top erasers* 

    2 boxes facial tissues*

    1 plastic pocket folder (yellow) 

    4 additional folders (1 each: green, red, black, blue) 

    1 yellow highlighter 

    1  zippered pencil pouch

    6 black full size Expo dry erase markers*

    24 Ticonderoga pencils* 

    2 pink pearl erasers* 

    4 glue sticks* 

    1 pair earbuds for Chromebook use 

    *Items will be for communal use 

    Fourth Grade Wish List:  

    Ziploc baggies (sandwich, quart, gallon)

    baby wipes/Clorox wipes for cleaning desks

    Extra expo markers


    Fifth Grade 

    1 Emergency Kit*** 


    4 single subject notebooks (1 each: red, blue, yellow, green)

    2 boxes Ticonderoga pencils 

    2 pink pearl erasers 

    1 pkg of glue sticks  

    1 “Pee Chee” or other heavy duty type folder 

    1 box colored pencils 

    Hi-liters (1 each: pink, yellow, green, purple)

    1  1.5”  binder w/clear pocket cover

    1 pack of divider tabs for binder 

    1 reusable water bottle 

    2 boxes of facial tissues* 

    1 package wide-ruled notebook paper* 

    1 medium backpack (please do not bring a large backpack). 

    dry erase markers* 

    1 package of graph paper*

    *Items will be for communal use 


     Fifth Grade Wish List 

    1 ream of printer paper 

    1 box quart and/or gallon size Ziplock bags

    markers & crayons