High School & Beyond Plan

  • PlanThe High School and Beyond Plan is a state graduation requirement. Each student must have a High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) to guide the student’s high school experience and prepare the student for postsecondary education/training (ESHB 2224, Chapter 31, Laws of 2017). Students start their plan in eighth grade and then continue to revise them throughout high school to accommodate changing interests or educational and career goals.

    The High School and Beyond Plan revolves around three questions: Who am I?, What aligns with who I am?, and How do I access that career? The High School & Beyond Plan is a graduation requirement that helps students connect meaningfully to high school and think about their future. Students will work with English teachers, School Counselors and Tornado Time advisors to create their plan throughout high school and revise it annually to accommodate changing interests or postsecondary goals. Their postsecondary plan may include pathways for application to four-year colleges or universities, two-year community or technical colleges, apprenticeship programs, industry standard certificate programs, military training, or on-the-job training.

    Students use Career Cruising, a web-based career and education guidance tool in order to create a portfolio they update throughout high school. The portfolio includes a complete student history, with academic information, interest assessments, career goals, course plan and resumes.  Students prepare their portfolio during monthly Tornado Time.  Students are required to present their portfolio at a Student-Led Conference in the spring. The HSBP earns students a .5 credit at the conclusion of the 10th and 12th grade year if required components are completed.

  • 9th Grade: Explore

  • 10th Grade: Discover

  • 11th Grade: Action

  • 12th Grade: Commit