• Educational Programs & Operations Levy

    Yelm Community Schools will be asking the community to continue funding of the expiring levy. This is not a new tax. In fact, the state constitution established the levy so communities could address local needs and goals. Learn more about how the funds are used to deliver educational programs in the district.

Levy Resolution

  • A RESOLUTION of the Board of Directors of Yelm Community Schools, Thurston and Pierce Counties, Washington, providing for the submission to the voters of the District at a special election to be held on February 11, 2020, of a proposition authorizing an excess tax levy to be made annually for four years commencing in 2020 for collection in 2021 of $10,100,000, in 2021 for collection in 2022 of $10,925,000, in 2022 for collection in 2023 of $11,800,000, and in 2023 for collection in 2024 of $12,750,000, for the District’s General Fund to pay expenses of educational programs and operations; designating the Secretary to the Board and special counsel to receive notice of the ballot title from the Auditor of Thurston County, Washington; requesting and authorizing participation in Local Voters’ Pamphlets; and providing for other matters properly related thereto.

Election Day