Our Mission

  • Yelm Community Schools is committed to providing high-quality learning environments that respect, reflect, and embrace the diversity within our community. Within Student Support, our English Learner Education team oversees:

    • State and federal processes for identifying and serving the language development needs of students who are acquiring English as an additional language (ELs).
    • Implementation of research-based English language development program models
    • Professional development for all YCS staff to assist in:
      • Effectively implementing district-defined programs for language learners at the elementary and secondary levels
      • Meet the cognitive, academic, linguistic, and social-emotional needs of language learners within grade-level core instruction
      • Ensure all language learners have meaningful and equitable access to grade-level core instruction, enabling them to meet grade-level Washington Learning Standards
  • Services That Support Language Learners

  • Eligibility

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