Free and Reduced Meal Eligibility

  • Children may qualify to receive breakfast and lunch at no cost or at a reduced price (based on Federal income eligibility guidelines).  Families are encouraged to complete an application even if they are not sure if they qualify.  We also encourage families to apply at any time during the school year if the household experiences a change in financial circumstances because their child may become eligible for free/reduced price meals. Eligibility is confidential, and students who utilize the benefits are not identifiable in the breakfast or lunch lines.    

    Free & Reduced Meal Application
    Print and complete the application and return to your school, district office or food service to qualify for free meals.
    Avoid Unnecessary Meal Fees
    Applications from the prior year are only valid for the first 30 school days. If a new application is not received by October 18, 2022, students will be charged at the full price for lunch and breakfast until a new application is approved. You are responsible for charges made.

    Turn in Your Application as Early as Possible
    Application processing time frame: Applications will be reviewed and an eligibility determination made within 10 working days of the receipt of the application. Meals provided prior to the approval of the application will be charged at full price, you are responsible for charges made.

    Students K-3rd Grade
    Lunches served to children who qualify for reduced priced meals in Kindergarten through 3rd grade will be made available at no cost. All other students 4th – 12th will be charged at their approved rate.

    Reimbursable Meals
    Students must take all of the required components of a meal for it to be considered reimbursable and qualify under the Free & Reduced Meal Program. If any of the required components are declined, the meal is considered non reimbursable and will be charged accordingly.

    If a student qualifies for Free/Reduced meals and only chooses milk, the milk is not considered reimbursable and will be charged at the current rate of 50 cents per milk. Students may purchase additional milk as long as they have money on their account. Milk is charged at the current rate of 50 cents per milk. 

Services for Income Eligible Students and Families

  • Introduction

    We are committed to ensuring that all students have access to the resources they need to be successful. We recognize that financial barriers can be a significant obstacle for some families, and we are committed to removing these barriers in every way possible. To achieve this goal, we offer a range of resources and support services to help families access the educational resources and opportunities they need. This includes providing access to free and reduced-price meals, scholarships and financial aid for various programs and college classes, and partnering with state, regional, and community organizations to provide additional resources and support. We are committed to ensuring that students have everything they need to achieve their full potential.

    Those students who qualify for Free and Reduce Meal Benefit can also obtain other services at low or no cost. Learn more at:
    Boys & Girls Club of Yelm 
    In an effort to ensure financial hardship is not a barrier to participation, Boys & Girls Clubs offer scholarships for families who apply and qualify. Scholarships range between 40-80%. To apply, contact the front desk coordinator at the Yelm Boys & Girls Club, 360-529-5392.
    Comcast Internet Essentials
    You may qualify for discounted internet if you are eligible for public assistance programs such as the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.
    Once you are on the the Free and Reduced Lunch Program simply contact Comcast to get started and see if you qualify. 
    Internet Essentials from Comcast:
    • $9.95 per month
    • Go to website
    • Or Call 1-855-846-8376
    • Select preferred language
    • Click “APPLY NOW”
    • Complete: Basic information 
    • Personal Details
    • Essential Steps
    • Review & Confirm
    • Applicants that are auto-approved (no documents required) should be approved within approximately 5 business days of their application date.
    • Applicants that are not auto-approved (need to submit documentation) should be approved within 7-10 business days of the date that they submitted their signed application and supporting documentation.

    If a document has to be submitted for your application, please provide one (1) document from the list below:

    • MEDICAID: card or most recent eligibility letter.
    • Public housing assistance documentation such as your lease, housing assistance payment (HAP) contract, or eligibility documentation from HUD.
    • SNAP: letter indicating you are approved for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.
    • TANF: eligibility letter for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
    • SSI: eligibility letter for Supplemental Security Income.
    • NSLP/Head Start: copy of a letter indicating current participation in the National School Lunch Program or Head Start, with your child's name, the school name, and the address of where you are requesting service.
    • LIHEAP: letter confirming your eligibility for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
    • WIC: eligibility letter for the Women, Infants, and Children program.
    • FEDERAL PELL GRANT: (Colorado and Illinois only) documentation from your community college’s financial aid office.
    • VA PENSION: veterans pension eligibility determination letter from the Veterans Administration.
    • Tribal assistance eligibility letter, including TTANF, FDPIR, etc.
    • Low cost computers
    • To order a low-cost laptop or desktop computer, call our vendor partner, CDI, at (1-888-710-4156), or you can order online here. You do not need a discount code when buying a computer for $149.99 plus tax.

    College Bound Scholarship

    The College Bound Scholarship program is an early commitment of state financial aid to eligible students who sign up in middle school and fulfill the scholarship pledge. Being eligible for Free and Reduced lunch programs may make you eligible for this scholarship. Please visit the College Bound Scholarship website for details and to apply.