Meeting our Mission, Vision and Graduate Yelm! Goals

  • Yelm Community Schools is asking the community to continue funding of the expiring levy on the February Special Election. This replacement levy is not a new tax and will continue to fund important programs and services so all students, starting in Pre-K, are on a path to on-time graduation, continuing education and work.

    State and federal funds cover the majority of the costs, and Yelm Community Schools seeks additional grant funds.  However, local funds are still needed to close the gap.

    We are committed to supporting ALL students by providing equitable access to effective, engaging instruction in order to impact student achievement.

    For our students to continue to grow socially and emotionally, it is vital we continue to provide a variety of opportunities for our students to develop connections with their peers and community.

Replacement Educational Programs and Operation Levy

  • The Educational Programs and Operations Levy funds allow the district to continue programs and services that meet the needs and goals of our students.  Key areas which are not fully funded by the state require local dollars to ensure our students are prepared to enact their personalized plans after graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is YCS running a replacement levy?

  • How much will the levies cost me?

  • Why do we need more funding than what the state gives us for basic education?

  • How do we spend EP&O levy dollars?

  • What do mental health positions funded by the EP&O levy do for students?

  • Can you share more about what extracurricular activities funded by the EP&O levy do for students?

  • What technology is needed to support student learning?

  • What percentage of the district's budget does the replacement EP&O levy fund?

  • Are funds used to support Health and Safety in schools?

  • Didn’t we just pass a huge bond to cover these costs? 

  • If property values go up, does that mean the school district will collect more money than it expected?

  • When did we last vote on a levy?

  • Do we still have federal emergency pandemic funding? Is any of this levy funding meant to replace that?  

  • What happens to taxes for families that live in Pierce County and attend Yelm Community Schools?

  • Is there a levy exemption for senior & disabled citizens?