• A more extensive directory is published in Staff-Share / District Resources / Internal District Phone Directory
    DISTRICT OFFICE    458.1900
    Business Office  
    Jennifer Carrougher, CFO 458.6104
    Jordan Coleman, Financial Services Manager 458.6227
    Jennifer Brownell, Purchasing 458.6215
    Shelly Fredback, Accounts Payable 458.6103
    Communications & Community Relations  
    Teri Melone, Director of Communications 960.6006
    Sophia Struna, Community Relations 458.6106
    Lisa Walker-Anderson, Communications 458.6102
    Career and Technical Education  
    Teri Melone, Director of CTE 458.6543
    Terri Evans, Office Professional 458.6543
    Chris Hansen, Director of Facilities 458.6128
    Rick Amidon, Assistant Director of Facilities 458.6130
    Jennifer Brownell, Office Professional 458.6127
    Lisa Zawislak, Volunteer Coordinator, Facilities Use 458.6100
    Food Services  
    Sandy Conradi, Director of Food Service 400.1154
    Jodie Rothwell, Office Professional 400.1151
    Human Resources & Payroll  
    Dee Dee Buckingham, Director of Human Resources 458.6105
    Kari Polzin, HR Coordinator (K-12 Certs/K-12 Student Support Certs/Coaches) 458.6118
    Shelly Lasher, HR Coordinator (Classified) 458.6522
    Tami Kirkham, HR Coordinator (Admin/Non-Rep, Substitutes) 458.6185
    Sabrina Montana, Payroll 458.6136
    Ashley Lindsay, Payroll 458.2407
    Information Technology  
    Jonathan Maynard, Director of Information Technology 458.6232
    TECH HELP LINE 458.6232
    Student Learning  
    Dr. Lisa Cadero-Smith, Assistant Superintendent of OSL / K-12Ed 458.6120
    Kurt Fourre, Director of Assessment/Grants/Student Data Mgt 458.6120
    Kendall (Karen) McNutt, Director of Student Learning 458.6120
    Instructional Specialists 458.6107
    Kula Pixler, Office Professional 458.6120
    Student Support  
    Shannon Powell, Director of Student Support 458.6124
    Ellen Cavanaugh, Assistant Director of Student Support 458.6133
    Erin Bayer, Program Coordinator 458.6124
    Charlotte Fourre, Office Professional 458.6192
    Jimmie Evans, Office Professional 458-6124
    Superintendent's Office  
    Chris Woods, Superintendent 458.6139
    Debbie Stillwell, Executive Assistant 458.6139
    Jeff Adams, Director of Transportation 458.6153
    Jason Roberts, Assistant Director of Transportation 458.6129
    Charlotte Peaslee, Office Professional 458.3300
    Yelm High School 458.7777
    Ridgeline Middle School 458.1100
    Yelm Middle School 458.3600
    Fort Stevens Elementary 458.4800
    Lackamas Elementary 894.6000
    McKenna Elementary 458.2400
    Mill Pond Elementary 458.3400
    Prairie Elementary 458.3700
    Southworth Elementary 458.2500