Publication, WebSite, Social Media & Online Communication Guidelines

  • The availability of Internet access in all Yelm Community Schools provides an educational opportunity to contribute to the World Wide Web. This medium also provides a means of meeting the National Educational Technology Standards in which staff members use technology to communicate and collaborate with peers, parents, and the larger community in order to nurture student learning. Staff member publishing information through the use of web sites, social media or other online or print communications tools are public documents and subject to public records requests.  Guidelines are required in the use of all school district online communication tools ensure safety for students, staff, and the district. Information on all pages must be appropriate for any Internet user from around the world to access.                         

    Staff members posting information on the Web through websites, social media or other online or print communication tools are responsible for meeting the guidelines in this document. These guidelines cover the content management when staff communicates with students, parents and/or community, regardless of the provider/ownership of such sites. 


    • All publications must comply with all state, federal, and international laws concerning ADA, copyright, intellectual property rights, and legal uses of network computers.
    • All online communication tools must be approved by the district and comply with archiving requirements to meet public record request requirements.
    • All publications must comply with board policies. Material presented on the publicly must meet the educational objectives of the school-related activity.
    • All online communications should meet goals of high quality in style, content, and presentation.
    • Correct grammar and spelling are expected. All information must be verifiable.
    • Commercial use of web sites for the personal or financial gain is prohibited. No advertising or promotion of products is allowed.
    • It is the responsibility of the page author to include statements of copyright, if applicable, and indicate that permission has been secured when including copyrighted material including graphics.
    • Links to external web sites are allowed if the web sites have an educational purpose that supports the appropriate curriculum areas and grade levels. Page editors must ensure that all links are functional, up-to-date and linked correctly to their school/site pages. All outside links must be verified regularly for actuality (is it still there?) and educational appropriateness, and should include the following disclaimer: “All external links are intended for educational purposes only. Yelm Community Schools is not responsible for questionable or controversial content that may be found through links external to this site.”
    • The district-approved page or section editor is the only person authorized to upload files to the web site and is solely responsible for the content of the web site. Do not share your username and password with students, parents or other staff members.
    • Staff members are responsible for keeping any dated material (e.g., calendars, homework, newsletters) current.
    • Personal web pages for staff members are not permitted as any part of the district web site. Do not combine personal with school-related web pages. Linking to a student’s or staff member’s personal page is not permitted.
    • Content must adhere to the YCS Responsible Use Policy.


    • Individual student and group pictures may be used without express written parent permission in print or online publications as long as none of the students have an “Opt Out” form on file in the school office.
    • Do not identify student first and last names without express written parent permission and keep the permission on file with the staff member for as long as the picture is being used. First names may be used without consent.
    • Posting student work requires written parent permission. No personally identifiable information may be posted. Student name may be used with written parent permission.
    • No foster children, group home students, students who are listed as under protection, or students with “Opt Out” forms on file in the school office should be in any photo posted on the Internet or print publication.
    • Students receiving special services may not be identifiable as special education students or have first or last names included in the description unless parents provide written permission.
    • When posting a student’s work involving opinion, a disclaimer should be posted. “The ideas and opinions expressed on this page are not sanctioned by Yelm Community Schools.”
    • Students’ personal information, (such as addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, personal web site URLs) must NOT be displayed on teacher pages, including on documents, student work, links, or file names.
    • Any e-mail address links, survey-response links, or other direct-response content may be made to staff district e-mail addresses only.
    • It is the responsibility of the staff member posting the images and/or names to ensure proper consent has been obtained. Liability for inappropriate content lies with the employee.
    • If anything is questionable, err on the side of caution.