Staff Safety

  • POLICY 6511

    The board recognizes that safety and health standards should be incorporated into all aspects of the operation of the district. Rules for safety and prevention of accidents will be posted in compliance with OSHA and WISHA requirements. All hazardous chemicals will be identified and properly labeled. Staff members will be trained in the use of these chemicals specific to their respective jobs. Proper records will be maintained to verify that all of the preventive and safety measures are in place. Injuries and accidents will be reported to the district office.

    Each school and work site will have first aid supplies readily accessible and a designated first aid area. Each new employee will receive safety orientation training and must sign a form stating that training has been provided. Any existing employee who transfers to a new building or work site will also receive safety orientation training for that new location.

    Employee safety orientation training is generally provided each year for newly hired certificated staff members. It is important that staff, new and continuing, become informed on safety-related issues and be proactive in safety awareness.

    For additional information about the district’s safety program, contact Facilities Director Chris Hansen (458-6128), your building principal or immediate supervisor.