Bargaining Units

  • Yelm school employees are represented by the following collective bargaining units:

    Public School Employees (PSE)
              Gabriel Iverson, President 

    PSE Yelm Association of Educational Office Professionals (PSE/YAEOP)
              Dorine Hunt, President 

    Yelm Education Coaches Association (YECA)
              Dave Wasankari, President

    Yelm Education Association (YEA)
              Kathryn Cullum, Co-President - YEA Office 360.458.1100
              Tasha Johnson, Co-President - YEA 360.458.7777

Applicability of Personnel Policies

  • Except where expressly provided to the contrary, personnel policies apply to the staff of the district. However, where there is a conflict between the terms of a collective bargaining agreement and the district’s policy, the law provides that the terms of the collective bargaining agreement shall prevail in regard to the staff covered by that agreement.

    When a matter is not specifically provided for in the appropriate negotiated contract, the district’s policies shall govern.

    Collective Bargaining Agreements and Salary Schedules are posted on the district’s web site under Human Resources.