Office of Student Support Comprehensive Plan 2021-2022 School Year

  • Learning Focus: The Office of Student Support will utilize data-informed practices by increasing instructor capacity with embedded support strategies in unison with the Office of Student Learning and ESD 113 UDL collaboration. 

    • Provide administrative training on Least Restrictive Environment, continuum of supports, and special programs
    • Facilitate district-wide training on 504 Plans and IEP Compliance for the General Education teacher and administrator.
    • An increase in embedded support capacity of general education teachers as evidenced by an increase of students spending the majority of their day in the general education setting (100-80% Least Restrictive Environment).

    Post-Secondary Focus: The OSS Department will use data-informed practices to further advance post-secondary planning by furthering collaboration with secondary counselors and transition coordinators for High School and Beyond Development for students in special programs.

    • Increased student participation rate in Leavers Survey
    • Professional Development Series: Summary of Performance, HSBP, and Transition Plan Development. 
    • Secure staff to support post-secondary outcomes at YHS. 

    Equity and Eligibility: The OSS Department will improve compliance through an in-depth analysis of disproportionate data and use of pre-referral interventions. 

    • District-wide relaunch of ITeam 
    • Enhancement of Tier 1 and 2 intervention tracking in EduClimber 
    • Professional Development Series: Peer-Audit File review of Evaluation Report
    • Professional Development Opportunities: Dyslexia
    • Race/equity alignment with Inclusive and Cultural Competency Training

    Mental Health Focus: Through strategic hiring, job duty evaluation, and community collaboration, the OSS Department is dedicated to increasing the understanding and implementation of social-emotional learning supports for students.   

    • Secure BHR, two social workers, three Outreach Specialists, and Consejo Counselors throughout the district to support the mental health needs of students. 
    • Expanded role of Social Emotional Learning Coach to support district counselors.
    • Professional Development: Book Study: Relationship, Responsibility, and Regulation -Trauma Invested Practices for Fostering Resilient Learners