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  • What is Work Site Learning?Worksite Learning Credit

    Yelm now offers a Work-site Learning Program where local businesses provide employment while students set goals and earn credit for working. 

    These can also be known as paid or unpaid internships, which are professional learning experiences that offers meaningful, practical work related to a your field of study or career interest. An internship gives a student the opportunity for career exploration, skill development and networking within a chosen career field.   

    There are a few requirements below to be in the Worksite Learning Program.  Connect with Mrs. Hull in Rm 305 for more information.

    • Completion of 1.0 CTE credits connected to job
    • Employer willing to participate
    • Must be a legal place of employment
    • 180 hours of paid work = .5 credit
    • Quarterly job evaluations
    • Meet with CTE Teacher once a week
    • Submit work hours documentation


Yelm Hiring Event

  • Miss the May Job Fair?

    No worries!  These employers are looking for quality candidates ready to learn.  Many have growth opportunities, training programs and even college reimbursement programs.

    Time to get that resume ready and contact a potential employer today!. 

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