Careers in Education

    Course Code:  BUS 702
    One Semester:  0.5 credit
    Credit for Graduation:  CTE or Elective
    Prerequisite:  Recommend Computer Apps, Office Mgmt, or Project Mgmt. Student’s attendance and discipline record must not inhibit the safety or learning of students served during the practicum
    Grade Level: 11—12
    College Credit:  No
    Certification:  None

    Do you love helping people? Have a passion for teaching others? Have you ever wanted to work in a school as a teacher? This class is a year long commitment that will give you an inside look as to what it takes to have a career in education. Students will first learn how to create a classroom climate and culture where all students can learn. You will learn how to develop a lesson plan and will teach micro lessons throughout the semester on the subjects of your choosing. We will also focus on how the brain works, child development and how students retain information. In the end, you will work to develop your own teaching philosophy and will be prepared to use some of the skills learned for second semester practicum. Not only will this class teach you how to be a teacher, but it will prepare you to be a learner at the college level. 

    Course Code:  BUS 703
    One Semester:  .8 credit
    Credit for Graduation:  CTE or Elective
    Prerequisite: Enrolled 1st semester in Careers in Education
    Grade Level: 11—12
    College Credit:  Yes, CWU: EFC250 (4 cr), Pierce College EDUC@191 (3 cr), or Centralia Community College EDUC205 (5 cr)
    Certification:  Precision - Teaching as a Profession (011)

    After getting all of the content knowledge in 1st semester, this semester you will be placed in a practicum setting at the elementary or middle school level where you will work with a mentor teacher in their classroom. You will observe this classroom 3-4 hours per week (M, T, Th) and will be sharing your experiences in grade level team meetings on Wednesdays during class. In your grade level team meetings (PLC's) you will also have an opportunity to work on a service project that is specific to your grade level.  Each week you will have different "look- for" criteria that you will be focusing on for your observations. During this practicum you will have the chance to plan, teach, and reflect on a lesson that you have designed. 

    Course Code:  BUS 802/803
    Full Year:  1.0 credit
    Credit for Graduation:  English 12, CTE or Elective
    Prerequisite: Careers iin Ed A/EFC250 Intro to Education
    Grade Level: 12; Teacher permission required
    College Credit:  No
    Certification:  Precision - Teaching as a Profession (011)

    Dive even further into the world of education by being a second year student. During this class you will demonstrate lessons, work as a peer mentor and help others understand basic teaching concepts. We will conduct book studies, video reviews, and article reviews while you continue to develop your personal teaching philosophy. During practicum, you will take on a more advanced teaching role where you will be leading small groups where you will design, plan and teach the lessons.