• SkillsUSAWhether you want to learn how to maintain your own vehicle or are looking to enter the automotive industry, these courses will provide an opportunity to work with tools, technology, and equipment.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in SkillsUSA to learn leadership skills, apply automotive skills through projects and competition, and make a difference through community service.

    The mission of SkillsUSA is to help its members become world class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens.  SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce.

    Course Code:  AUT 501
    One Semester:  0.5 credit
    Credit for Graduation:  CTE or Elective
    Prerequisite:  A strong desire to learn about Automotive
    Grade Level: 9—11, (Grade 12 with Teacher permission)
    College Credit:  No
    Certification:  SP/2 Auto Safety and Pollution Prevention

    Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of purchasing, owning and maintaining today’s vehicles.  This course includes lessons in;  Personal and Professional Skills, How Vehicles Operate, Drivetrain Systems, Tools and Equipment, Fluids and Maintenance, Common Problems and Roadside Emergencies, Auto Care and Cleaning. Classroom curriculum will include; web based training, parts function demonstrations, online videos, and knowledge assessments. Students will apply their classroom lessons in the shop, with hands-on implementation of learned skills. Students will complete an automotive service safety and pollution prevention program (SP/2) and have the opportunity to earn industry certification. Students wishing to continue on to “Automotive Service MLR” must maintain a grade of 75% or higher. 

    Course Code:  AUT 536/AUT 537
    Year Long:  1.0 credit (.5 each semester)
    Credit for Graduation:  CTE or Elective
    Prerequisite:  Pass Auto Basics with a “B”
    Grade Level: 10—12
    College Credit:  No
    Certification: S/P2 and AYES (ASE Entry Level Exams)

    Students will have the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of maintenance and light repair in the following areas including Safety and Work Readiness skills over the course of two years.
    • Prepare a repair order ©
    • Perform a multi-point inspection (C, T)
    • Identify various engine system parts; nuts and bolts and fasteners; and various shop tools and safety equipment (T)
    • Diagnose and repair common basic automotive tasks including oil and filter change, tire service, cooling system inspections and tests and engine system belt adjustments/replacements (C, T, Q)
    • Suspension and Steering: Tires, Wheels, Suspension and Steering

    All course curriculum meets Washington State and ASE industry standards. This course is designed to model the workplace environment and allow students to work in teams while taking on various roles. Students may qualify as entry-level automotive technicians, part counter person, or enter a tech school or community college for further specialization upon completion of this course. All students taking this course will have the opportunity to receive S/P2 and AYES certifications. NOTE: Auto Service is a 2-year program.  Students will need to enroll in the year long class twice to complete all components of the program and qualify for college credit.

    Course Code:  AUT 538/AUT 539
    Year Long:  1.0 credit (.5 each semester)
    Credit for Graduation:  CTE or Elective
    Prerequisite:  Pass Auto Service I A/B with a “B”
    Grade Level: 11—12
    College Credit:  Yes, SPSCC AUTO100 (5 cr)

    • Brakes: Hydraulic and Antilock Braking Systems
    • Electrical and SRS Systems: Electrical/Charging Systems and Safety Restraint Systems.
    • Explain key automotive terms and basic Hybrid and electric vehicle safety procedures (T)
    • Utilize computerized reference system to retrieve diagnostic codes utilizing vehicle identification numbers (T)
    • Explain key automotive terms and basic Hybrid and electric vehicle safety procedures (T)