Course Code: ENG 402/ENG403
    Full Year: 1.0 (0.5 each semester)
    Credit for Graduation: Elective
    Prerequisite: Based upon ELL test scores and ML Program Recommendation
    Grade Level: 9-12

    This course is designed to help support students who are identified as English learners through explicit instruction in English acquisition.

    Course Code:  BUS 122/BUS 222
    Full Year:  1.0 credit (.5 each semester)
    Credit for Graduation:  CTE or Elective
    Prerequisite:  None
    Grade Level: 10—12
    College Credit:  No
    Certification:  Precision Exam—Project Management (418)

    Strong project management skills show that you’re serious about your career and your professional development. This class simulates an inclusive and positive workspace that helps build character and leadership. The skills you will learn are effective communication with peers and colleagues, personal and project related time management, teamwork and the confidence to share your ideas and opinions. Students will be engaged in creating and executing projects for school and/or community implementation. Project Management gives you an edge in the job market. The second semester expands on the Project Management cycle by providing students leadership roles in teams.  Leaders will help to guide the projects and develop their management skills.

    Course Code: MSC 300/303
    One Semester:  1.0 credit
    Credit for Graduation:  Elective
    Prerequisite:  Project Management or Leadership
    Grade Level: 11—12
    College Credit:  No

    Renaissance is a course focused on student and staff recognition and reward, student involvement, community service, and leadership through example. Our daily activities are all aligned with our overall goal: to make YHS the world's best High School. Students enrolled in the course embody the characteristics of the YHS renaissance model; kindness, diligence, selflessness and integrity.

    Course Code:  MSC112
    One Semester:  0.5 credit (may be repeated with approval REP WSL)
    Credit for Graduation:  CTE or Elective
    Prerequisite:  Must meet worksite learning requirements and have instructor approval
    Grade Level: 11—12
    College Credit:  No
    Certification:  No

    How would you like to earn credit towards graduation while working? Worksite Learning is an exciting program that connects knowledge and skills you've learned in the classroom to careers and your future. To qualify for this course, you must be 16 years of age, be legally employed and the employer is willing to participate in the program, document 180 hours of work for each .5 credit, set learning goals and be evaluated quarterly, meet with CTE Teacher once a week, submit documentation through Google Classroom.  Students must be pre-qualified by the CTE teacher prior to enrollment.