College Credit Options

  • AA Degree

    Students who choose this option will graduate as seniors with both a YHS diploma and a SPSCC Associate of Arts Degree. This will allow students to transfer to Washington 4-year colleges or universities as juniors, just two years away from earning their bachelor's degree!

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  •  AP College Board

    Advanced Placement (AP)

    Advanced Placement courses are college-level courses offered in high school. AP courses include extensive reading and writing. Students in AP courses may earn college credit if they perform well on rigorous national AP tests.  Students enrolled in an AP course are encouraged to test their knowledge and may earn college credit with high scores on these tests. Ask your school counselor for assistance in selecting courses that will prepare you for success in any AP course that interests you.

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  •  College in the High School

    College in the High School

    This program provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit in approved high school courses for a reduced tuition. Contact your high school teacher of the particular courses for more information.

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  •  CTE Dual Credit

    CTE Dual Credit

    Some Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses allow students to earn technical college credit while in high school. In order to receive credit, students must achieve a minimum grade each semester in their courses and meet other required competencies.  Upon achievement of all criteria, instructors will assist students in registering for technical credit through the SERS registration system. 

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  •  Running Start

    Running Start

    The Running Start Program allows 11th and 12th grade students to take college level (100 or higher) courses, tuition-free, at the state’s community and technical colleges and participating state universities. Students earn both college and high school credit. Please contact your YHS counselor regarding admissions and enrollment requirements.

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Benefits of College Credit

  • When a student enrolls in Advanced Placement, Running Start or Tech Prep, he or she may earn dual credit - high school and college credit - after meeting specific criteria such as successfully completing the same course, demonstrating technical competencies, or passing an exam.

    Dual credit helps students:
    • Transition smoothly from high school to college
    • Reduce duplication of courses in a program of study
    • Shorten time-to-completion of a degree or certificate
    • Save money
    How dual credit works:
    • The student enrolls in their high school or college course
    • The student completes the requirements of the course
    • The student submits college grades to the high school for high school credit
    • The student submits documentation to the college they wish to attend for review
    • The college reviews the documentation and determines what credits will be awarded based on the individual college's policy

    For more detailed information on each option, visit a counselor or the web links to the left.