Facility Use Guidelines & Fee Schedule

  • Complete the Facility Use Application.  Provide all requested information to avoid unnecessary delays in processing your application. 

    1. Applications for use of school facility must be submitted to the district office a minimum of five (5) working days prior to the date on which the facilities are to be used (15 working days during the summer) and no more than 60 days prior to event.  
    2. Separate applications must be submitted for each school facility requested for use. A single application may be made for a series of events of like character being held at the same school facility. 
    3. An email notification will be sent to the organization contact upon approval, cancellation or denial of application.
    4. No facility shall be considered reserved until the Facility Use Application is completed and endorsed by the Facility Coordinator, at which time it shall be considered a contract between Yelm Community Schools (YCS) and the applicant, subject to all rules & regulations, terms & conditions explained herein and within the policies and procedures of YCS. Approval for facility/field usage is non-transferable.
    5. The purpose of the use must be as stated on the application.
    6. YCS or school organization activities shall have priority over other requests for use of facilities, regardless of prior approvals or the date of application. Scheduling priority shall be given to groups based upon categorical classification, YCS student count and use of specified area.


    1. Facilities are not available for use before 8 am on non-school days. All facility use shall terminate and fields/rooms be vacated by 10 pm, unless approved by the Facility Department. 
    2. Organizations are responsible for ensuring the premises are vacated as scheduled. Use of facilities is restricted to the approved area and specified time period, organizations are responsible for ensuring unauthorized portions of the building are not entered.
    3. YCS will try to notify the organization representative within 48 hours of a cancellation; however, due to emergency situations that may not always be possible. Use of school facilities are canceled when school is closed by an emergency, such as school closures for inclement weather.
    4. YCS reserves the right to deny/cancel any permit and/or discontinue use of the facility by the applicant at any time if, in their sole discretion, the use of a facility is in conflict with YCS use policies or regulations or in the judgment of the Facility Coordinator, equipment and/or facilities are being misused. Use of the school facilities may be restricted if such use interferes with the YCS maintenance program.
    5. All cancellations must be made through the Facility Department at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled usage or the organization may be billed for costs incurred by YCS.
    6. Fees quoted are estimated based upon the Facility Use Application. Fees shall be charged in accordance with the current YCS fee schedule and payment or deposit may be required in advance of the event.  Actual costs to the applicant are subject to change based upon conditions and time of use.  Payment is due within thirty (30) days from the date of invoice, late fees may apply.  Any invoice that is 90 days overdue is subject to collection action.  Applicant will be responsible for all collection, attorney, insurance or any other fees associated with the collection or payment in regard to use.
    7. An authorized custodian or YCS employee must be in the building or on the premises after normal school hours when a non-school group is using a YCS facility. A minimum 2-hour custodial fee will be charged when facilities are requested for weekends, holidays, or during school breaks.  Staff shall remain in the building or on the premises during the event and may be performing work for YCS.  Staff will be responsible for closing and securing the building/grounds after use.
    8. If kitchen facilities are used (using cooking and dishwashing equipment, ranges, etc.), a rental fee will be charged, and a food service employee must be in attendance. A minimum 2-hour food service fee will be charged when kitchen facilities are requested for weekends, holidays, or during school breaks. 
    9. Building keys will not be issued. Building custodians or other authorized YCS staff will be responsible for unlocking and securing buildings for after-school use.  Keys to gates will be issued only to the applicant signing the facilities use agreement, after a $50 refundable deposit has been paid.  Applicant shall be responsible for locking and securing gates.  No key shall be duplicated.  All keys must be returned to the district office within 30 days of the last date of the facility usage, or all further facility usage requests will be denied until the key(s) is returned.
    10. Applicants are responsible for obtaining any required permits and for satisfying all city, county, state, or federal codes and regulations associated with the proposed activities.
    11. The Superintendent has authority to make the final decision on the use of school facilities and the appropriate charges. The applicant may appeal such decision to the Board of Directors.
    12. YCS is not responsible for any state or local taxes involving ticket or merchandising sales by applicants.
    13. Tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in school facilities or on school property, including outdoor and parking areas in accordance with RCW 28A.210.310
    14. Disorderly conduct and willful destruction of property are forbidden.
    15. Weapons are not allowed on school property except by active duty law enforcement officers.
    16. Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas only. Vehicles may not be driven or parked on fields, grassy areas, walkways, or in designated fire lanes.
    17. Prior approval from the building administrator is required before decorations or other materials may be applied to walls, ceilings, or floors. Applicant is required to remove all decorations upon completion of the event. 
    18. Animals are not allowed in school buildings or on school property, including outdoor and parking areas.
    19. Charitable organization must be registered with the state of Washington, Secretary of State Office, as a non-profit corporation.
    20. Sponsoring organizations shall provide sufficient, competent adult supervision for all activities, and in all areas including restroom and hallways
    21. Reasonable shifting of furniture within the room to meet the needs of the occupant is permitted, provided that it is returned to the original location and arrangement. If the facilities are not restored to the condition in which they were found, costs to restore such facilities will be billed to the applicant.
    22. Authorization for the use of school facilities shall not be considered an endorsement or approval of the using group, nor the purposes they represent. Organizations must state in any advertising that YCS is not sponsoring the event(s).



    1. All elementary school fields are closed from November 1 – March 1. Gyms are closed for summer usage.
    2. Applications will be processed in the order they have been received.
    3. Scheduling priority shall be given to groups based upon categorical classification, YCS student count and use of specified area. Rosters may be requested.
    4. Each organization must have one point of contact that will coordinate field/gym schedules and usage with the Facility Coordinator.
    5. Each organization must sign a Youth Sports-Head Injury Policies Compliance Statement for HB 1824; Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness for SB 5083.
    6. Organizations may not modify fields. Organizations are responsible for providing their own chalk and paint. The District Grounds Department will chalk and paint the lines requested when weather and time permits.
    7. A portable restroom is required for all locations without outdoor restroom use. Each organization will be charged a pro-rated quantity for outdoor portable restroom placement at the location they have been scheduled to use. 
    8. Unauthorized use of YCS fields by organized groups constitutes trespassing.
    9. Upon approval of the Facility Department, portable storage sheds may be placed on YCS fields. Portable storage sheds cannot be any larger than 100 sq. ft. and ownership must be visibly marked.  Organizations wanting to place a portable storage shed must submit a drawing/photo of portable storage shed, dimensions, field location of unit and removal date.  Portable storage sheds can be placed by applicant 1 week prior to approved field use start date and must be removed by applicant 1 week following field use end date.  Applicant will be held responsible for any expenses incurred by YCS arising from the removal of such portable storage shed.  YCS is not responsible for any damages, lost or stolen property.
    10. Tournament hosts are responsible for providing a certificate of liability for the entire event.


    1. The applicant agrees to provide comprehensive general liability insurance with minimum benefits of $1,000,000 per occurrence with an annual aggregate of not less than $2,000,000. Yelm Community Schools is to be named as additional insured.  This insurance shall be primary.  Waiver forms will not be accepted as a substitute for proof of insurance.  A certificate of insurance with additional insured endorsement must be received by the Facility Coordinator prior to approval and use of any YCS facility. 
    2. The applicant agrees to exercise the utmost care in the use of the school facilities and agrees to protect, indemnify and hold harmless the Yelm Community Schools from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, expenses, or right of action, directly or indirectly attributable to the organizations activities and/or use of premises resulting from the use or occupancy of said facilities.
    3. All applicants will be held responsible for any expenses incurred by YCS arising from the use of the facility. In the event that property loss or damage is incurred during such use or occupancy, the amount of damage shall be decided by the Superintendent and/or designee.  The applicant agrees to accept the YCS estimate of replacement/repair and pay all costs associated therein within 15 days to include food or beverage damage.  Failure to comply with this regulation and to pay any damage charges assessed will result in denial of further privilege of use of school facilities and may result in legal action.