• The interscholastic program exists to allow students to participate and represent their schools in educational, social and recreational activities to further improve their abilities and to learn to cooperate and compete with others.  Because these activities are performed in public, each student is expected to conduct himself/herself, at all times, in a manner that will reflect the high standards of Yelm Middle School, the team and community.  When representing their school, students are expected to dress according to school guidelines and demonstrate mature conduct.  For the purpose of eligibility and discipline, the definition of a sport season will be from the first team meeting until the completion of the awards program.


    A grade check will occur every two weeks for students participating in interscholastic sports.  If a student is receiving an “F” grade, they are not able to participate in a game until the student is no longer receiving an “F” grade.  Should the student clear failing grades, he/she is eligible to participate in the next game.  If a student continues to receive failing grades, they could be removed from the team.


    Students must purchase an ASB card before participating in athletics. 


    Students must sign and adhere to the athletic code.  Students who violate policies outlined in the athletic code may be subject to disciplinary action including suspension from the team. Students violating the drug, alcohol or tobacco policies while on a sports team at YMS will be dropped from the activity.  Students attending functions where drugs and/or alcohol are present must leave immediately.


    All athletes must be present and on time the majority of the day to be eligible to participate unless prior approval is obtained from the athletic director.  This includes but is not limited to athletic contests, practices, dances, etc. In order to participate in a Saturday event, a student must be in attendance for the entire school day on Friday.


    All athletes are required to adhere to the athletics/activities code provided in the beginning of the season packet.  Violation of this code will result in disciplinary action. Excessive discipline could result in removal from the team.


    Students must obtain and complete an eligibility packet from the office prior to the start of a sports season.  Included in the packet is a physical examination form, an insurance form and a travel card.   Physicals are good for one year only.  A $30 non-refundable fee is required for each sport.  All students need health insurance to participate in after school athletics.  Insurance forms are available in the office for those students who do not presently have coverage.  All fees and forms must be completed and returned to the office before a student begins participating. If there is a financial hardship please contact the Athletic Director.  It is not our intent to deny ANY student the opportunity to participate or try out.


    Fall-Football, Fastpitch, Boys' Soccer, Girls Cross Country
    Winter I-Girls' Basketball, Wrestling
    Winter II-Boys' Basketball, Girls' Soccer
    Spring-Track, Volleyball


    Inappropriate yelling and profanity will not be tolerated.  It is appropriate to cheer FOR your team NOT against the other team.  Inappropriate behavior by athletes or spectators will result in removal from the event and disciplinary action.  Enjoy the game!


    Students must get to the event and back to school in school-approved transportation. If parents want to provide transportation for their student after the event, they must sign their student out. Check with the coach/advisor for more information.