Academic Concerns/Conference Requests

  • Parents and students are encouraged to contact their teacher(s) at the earliest sign of concern or question. 

    Team Meeting: A meeting with all teachers is available upon request by parent, student, or teacher throughout the school year. Please contact your student’s teacher or school counselor to schedule a meeting.

    Student-Led Conference (SLC): The SLC time is hosted by each student’s homeroom teacher and is designated as a student led discussion of their academic, career, and personal growth and goals. The SLC conference is not a teacher conference for addressing concerns. 

    YMS participates in district-wide conferences generally for one conference in the fall and one in the spring. Notification of conferences will be sent home. Students at YMS present their accomplishments and goals twice a year through Student-Led Conferences. Students will be compiling a Personal Portfolio as part of the High School and Beyond Plan, a Washington State high school graduation requirement. The fall conference will focus on academic, attitude, activities, goals, assessments and course work. The spring conference will focus on attainment of goals, career interests and progress.


    The school class schedule is created based on the student’s requests during pre-registration the previous year.  Schedule changes will only be considered if there is an error in the student placement, not to change teachers, electives, or periods.  Students will email their counselor with any schedule change requests.


    Report cards are issued four times per year. At the end of each term ,they are posted on Skyward Family Access all four quarters and printed and mailed home  2nd & 4th quarters.  Progress reports are sent home mid term.  A 3.0 grade point average (GPA) and above determines honor roll at YMS.


    Students will be accountable to turn in all work and to participate in class.  YMS is a “No Opt Out” school, which means we believe all students can learn, grow, and be successful; we expect all students to give effort and a positive attitude toward those goals. Students receiving an “F” will be assigned an extended learning opportunity such as Opportunity Time and/or Lunch Study Hall.


    Homework is an important part of classes at YMS.  Students are expected to spend time outside of class to finish the day-to-day work they may not have finished in class or to complete longer research projects.  The ability to use time wisely and complete required work when it is due is a life skill.


    The policy of Yelm Community Schools is to make certain that each student has access to a textbook.  It is strongly recommended that books that are checked out to students be covered to prevent damage.  At the end of the year, fines are assessed for any damage to the textbooks and for lost books.

    ASB Elections and Officers are governed by the rules and regulations laid out in the Yelm Middle School Constitution.


    All school and district rules apply at any school related activity.  A student who is on Honor Level Three or who has been sent to ISS on the day of an activity may lose the privilege to attend, regardless of honor level standing. Misbehavior at these activities will result in school discipline and loss of activity attendance privileges. 


    Scheduled throughout the year will be both ASB Dances and Parent Booster sponsored Teen Nights.  Teen Nights are held about once a month and are after the regular school hours.  Yelm Middle School ID Cards are required for admittance to both.  All school policies, including the dress code, will apply.  If a student leaves an activity early, he/she will need to be signed out by parent or guardian.  Misbehavior at these activities will result in school discipline and loss of dance attendance privileges.  A student on Honor Level Three or who has been sent to ISS on the day of an ASB Dance or a Teen Night cannot attend.


    The interscholastic program exists to allow students to participate and represent their schools in educational, social and recreational activities to further improve their abilities and to learn to cooperate and compete with others.  Because these activities are performed in public, each student is expected to conduct himself/herself, at all times, in a manner that will reflect the high standards of Yelm Middle School, the team and community.  When representing their school, students are expected to dress according to school guidelines and demonstrate mature conduct.  For the purpose of eligibility and discipline, the definition of a sport season will be from the first team meeting until the completion of the awards program.