Funding Your Education

  • Paying for college may seem difficult, but it is attainable!  When planning on what type of post-secondary education you want to pursue, you should include looking into ways to pay for whatever school or program you're interested in.  There are various options from grants to loans to scholarships to work study programs. 
    Colleges will put together your “financial package” based on your family’s ability to pay. The place everyone needs to start is the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or WAFSA (Washington Application for State Financial Aid). You will only fill out one, depending on your citizenship status.  Each school or program you apply to will ask if you have filled one of those out before they offer you other financial aid.
    Take advantage of the resources available through the Washington Student Achievement Council:
    Financial Aid Information and Filing Events for 2022 - 2023. Get live help with your FAFSA / WASFA questions!
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     Washington College Grant Link    
    **Beginning in 2020-2021, more low- and middle-income families now qualify for the Washington College Grant. An eligible student from a family of four making around $50,000 or less per year would receive a full award. Partial grants are available for families making up to Washington state's median income, around $97,000 per year.**
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