Emergency Closures & Delays, Safety Drills, WATCH DOGS, Forms to return

    Sometimes during the school year, we face the possibility of inclement weather and school closure or schedule changes.  Typically, families will be notified of emergency schedule changes by an automated phone call, email and/or text.  We will announce closures and delays as early as possible but not later than 5:30 a.m. Occasionally circumstances change quickly and late announcements are unavoidable. The following information is for reference in the event that the schools are closed or buses operate on an emergency schedule:

    School Closure: All schools will be closed all day and any activities planned for the day or evening will be announced by 12pm on the district website.

    Emergency Schedule: Indicates that schools will start on a delayed schedule.  Parents are reminded that although the buses will start the runs later, if we are on an emergency schedule, the buses may be slightly later near the end of the run.  We request that parents make allowances for this.

    Limited Transportation: Limited transportation will prevail if some roads become inaccessible or if the county announces road closures.  School will be in session unless otherwise announced by the Superintendent’s Office.

    Stay informed about Emergency Closures & Delays by

    • Signing up for FLASH ALERT to receive an email notice.
    • Updating your Family Access email and home & cell numbers
    • Opting In for Text Messaging (Text YES to 67587)
    • Following Yelm Community Schools on Facebook and Twitter
    • Visiting the district website for detailed information and updates
    • Tuning into other media outlets

     It is requested that parents/guardians do not call the media stations for closure information.

    As a building we conduct several safety drills each year. At Southworth we will conduct at least 5 fire drills, 1 earthquake drill, and 3 lockdown drills. We ask parents to talk to their student about taking ALL emergency drills serious. We practice these drills to help prepare our staff and your student in the event of an actual emergency. During fire drills we have students practice orderly evacuation of the building to a safe location for unification. For earthquake drills we have students practice DUCK, COVER, and HOLD. While practicing lockdown drills we strive in getting students to shelter in place quietly behind a locked door until we are able to evacuate safely. During all drills a sign will be posted outside the office main door and all phones will not be answered, but you will be able to leave a message.

    Watch D.O.G.S. (Dad of Great Students) is a family and community educational initiative.  There are 2 primary goals of the Watch DOGS program.

    1. To provide positive male role models for the students, demonstrating by their presence that education is important.
    2. To provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security and reduce bullying.  

    Program Benefits

    • Students gain positive male role models.
    • Schools gain an extra set of eyes and ears.  The presence of a father or father figure will provide an additional deterrent to bullying, enhance a sense of security in the building, and will help to create an environment conducive to learning.
    • Fathers get a glimpse of their students' everyday world and learn about the increasingly complex challenges and decisions today's youth are facing.  
    • Fathers gain a greater awareness of the positive impact they can have on their student's life in three critical areas including: academic performance, self-esteem, social behavior.
    • The Watch DOGS volunteers provide real and important help for the teachers and the students.

    Parents (s) or guardians (s) and student, please review, sign and return the following 3 pages to your student’s teacher.

    • Verification of Rules and Policies Review
    • Parent-Student-Staff Compact
    • Anti-bullying Pledge