Homework, Report Cards/Conferences, Field Trips, Lost & Found, Invitation

    We believe that homework is an important part of the learning process.  Homework reinforces skills taught in class and gives students an opportunity to practice these skills independently.  It also fosters a sense of responsibility and provides an additional opportunity for communication between school and home.  Parents can help by expecting their child to complete assignments and to turn them in on time.  Teachers will provide homework for absent students providing the absence is excused (as detailed in the School Board Attendance Policies).  Parents may contact our office to request homework for an absent student.  Please give at least 24 hours’ notice.

    Report cards are sent out four times each year. 1st and 3rd quarter report cards are reviewed at parent-teacher conferences in November and March. Our teachers look forward to the opportunity to meet with you at conference time and discuss your child’s progress and accomplishments. 2nd and 4th quarter report cards are mailed home. 

    If your child has lost something, please have him/her check the lost and by the front office. There is also a box for smaller items that is inside the office.  It is helpful if names are written on the inside tags of coats and jackets. Unclaimed articles are given to charitable organizations at the end of each month.

    Articles lost on buses are usually kept by the individual driver for a period of time and are then turned into the lost and found department at the bus garage. You may contact the bus garage at 360-458-3300.

    Please do not hand out party invitations during instructional time. This causes hurt feelings for students who do not receive invitations and disrupts the classroom environment. Please give invites to the teacher to be put into backpacks.