Student Conduct/Behavior Expectations

    Southworth students follow STAR (Safe, Trustworthy, Achieve & Respect) and teachers recognize students that show STAR in school.  Individual teachers also design their own motivational systems to encourage appropriate behavior.  The system includes verbal or non-verbal warnings, removal to a calming corner within the classroom, removal to another classroom or recovery, and lastly removal from class for redirection or safety.  Students will be returned to class when they are ready to learn.  If the student returns to the classroom but continues inappropriate behavior, he/she may be sent home.  If the student continues similar behaviors on subsequent days and is again sent to the office, suspension from school may occur.  Parents will be contacted by the teacher of any student that displays conduct or behavioral issues. Preservation of the learning environment is important to students making academic progress.

    These building wide rules are expectations to help students be safe, be kind, and have fun.

    Cell phones
    Cell phones must be kept off and in students’ backpacks during the school day. Students are not allowed to use their phones, take photos, or send voice or text messages, without staff permission.

    Students who violate our cell phone policy will have their phones confiscated and parents will be notified to pick up the phone. Disciplinary actions may maybe taken based on the severity of the incident. Using phones to bully or harass other students (through recorded /spoken/written words or pictures) violates RCW 9A.36.080 and will result in disciplinary action. For further details regarding students and telecommunication devices, please refer to YCS School Board Policy 3245 on the district website @

    Money and valuables
    Please do not allow students to bring more money to school than what is needed during the school day. Valuables, electronics (i.e. I Pods, MP3 players, DSs, etc.) are NOT allowed at school. These items will be kept in the office until a parent can pick them up.  School personnel will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

    Listen to all adults
    All staff members will help guide students in following rules. Parents please teach your child that they need to listen to all staff members that they encounter in the halls and around Southworth.

    Quiet Coyote
    That hand signal will be the signal for quiet listening in assemblies and public areas around Southworth.

    Toys are not to be seen at Southworth. Teachers have discretion whether to allow them in class, but need to make sure students put them away when kids go out to recess. Check with your teacher as to what items may be brought to their classroom.

    Sports Equipment
    Students who want to bring these things for recess need to talk to their classroom teacher and get approval. They must have their name clearly marked. Teachers will consider if the individual student will be able to use it responsibly.

    Students need to walk (not run) through the hallways at all times.

    Class Lines
    Students need to walk with their classes on the right side of the hall / sidewalk, quietly, with hands and feet to self (not touching items).

    Hands, Feet and Mouth
    All students are expected to keep their hands, feet and mouth to themselves in all areas around Southworth. Hands means that students are not to touch, slap, or hit other students to harm them. Feet are not to be used to kick and harm another student. Mouth is not to be used to say harmful words, spit/spit on others, or bit others.

    School Expectations
    The Southworth staff is dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive, productive environment for all students.

    • Maintaining consistent rules and procedures building-wide
    • Teaching expected behaviors to all students
    • Providing the level of support each student needs in order to be successful
    • Rewarding appropriate behavior, good choices, and hard work
    • Showing respect for self, others, and property

    Students who engage in inappropriate physical aggression while playing contact sports (ie: football, soccer, etc.) will be disciplined as follows:

    • Verbal warning from the playground staff
    • 1 week suspension from play
    • Meeting with parent and principal to determine further restrictions

    Teachers will be in contact with parents via phone and/or email.