Class Placement

  • We do not allow parent request for class placement as we have found this hinders our ability to create classes that are fair and balanced. Based upon educational research, the Southworth staff strongly believes that students should be placed in classrooms that have a balance of academic abilities, social skills, and gender. We are very fortunate at Southworth Elementary to have a staff of highly qualified teachers that are committed to meeting the learning needs of every student. We strive to create a learning environment where all students can reach their potential. In such an environment, we have found that almost all students will learn and experience success with any of our teachers. Few students actually need to be assigned one particular teacher versus another.

    Here are the criteria we use each year for student placement:
    Academic needs and strengths
    Behavioral needs and strengths
    Social needs
    Learning style
    Gender balance
    Even balance of children of all achievement levels

    We take class placement very seriously. Your child’s teacher and next year’s teachers meet as a team to place students based on the above criteria. They make every effort to balance classes while meeting the specific learning needs of every child. Your child’s teacher uses their knowledge of each child to make certain that students will be successful in the prospective classroom structure, that the student has friends in that classroom, and that some student combinations are avoided if necessary. Mr. Cook, our specialists and the special services team carefully review preliminary class lists before the final decision is made. We understand that parents occasionally have concerns that need special consideration in the placement process and we want to know about them. We encourage families with specific placement concerns to share that information directly with our school counselor.