Co-Curricular Programs follow Policy 2150 and Interscholastic Athletics policy 2151.  All athletes review and sign the Athletic Code of Conduct which is available on the YHS website under the Athletics section.  Athletic seasons are listed below:

    Football Basketball Baseball
    Volleyball Wrestling Fastpitch
    Cross Country Bowling Track/Field
    Soccer Cheer Tennis
    Tennis Dance Soccer
    Cheer   Golf
    Dance   Cheer


Performance Activities

  • PERFORMANCE ACTIVITIES: All students are welcome to try out for these teams provided they meet the physical and academic qualifications. Eligibility is subject to the rules and regulations of the WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) and Yelm Community Schools. Students are expected to adhere to the policies and conditions of the Athletic Code as well as the rules established by the coach.

    All students involved in representing our schools in sports/activities must pay a $50.00 per sport/activity fee as well as purchase an ASB card, $50.00. The established fees are non-refundable fees.Students who qualify for free and reduced meals or College Bound Scholarships are eligible for extracurricular fee waivers.  Please contact the ASB office for details.  

ASB Clubs and Organizations

  • ASB CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS: Clubs and organizations are available to all students. Scheduling of all activities, fundraisers, dances, etc. is done through the Activities Director/administrator. All bulletins, contracts, purchases, advertising or signs of any nature must have prior approval of the Activities Director/administrator.

    All clubs and organizations are advised by an adult approved by Yelm High School. A brochure describing these organizations is available in the ASB Office.
    American Sign Language Club                 FBLA                                         People Of Color Club
    Art Club                                                               FFA                                            Select Choir Club
    Band/Jazz Band Club                                   Gamer Club                           Skills USA
    Chess Club                                                        Honor Society                      Sports Medicine Club
    Debate/Speech                                                Interact Club                        Tornado Treats
    DECA                                                                    LatinX Club                             Venting Circle
    Drama                                                                 N.A.T.I.V.E.                                Voices (YES)
    Educators Rising                                            Needle Working Club           Yearbook

Game/Extracurricular Conduct (See PATH Behavior Matrix)

  • Good sportsmanship will be expected of students, and will be enforced by the administration and/or designee during any school athletic activity or event both at home or on the road:
    • Students will use common courtesy, acceptable types of behavior. Any behavior which disrupts an activity or event is not acceptable.
    • Students are to refrain from abusive language, yells, or gestures.
    • Signs must have prior approval of the administration/activity director, and league policy. 
    • Noise makers including but not limited to whistles, megaphones and air horns are prohibited.
    • Problems with other spectators should be addressed to the appropriate administrator and/or designee.
    • All school rules are in effect.

    Failure to comply with the above guidelines could result in the loss of your right to attend Yelm High School athletic contests. Further disciplinary action could also be taken if deemed appropriate. Please remember that, even as spectators, students represent our school and community.

    DANCE CONDUCT: Students attending Yelm High School dances must be currently enrolled and attending Yelm High School. Former students of Yelm High School and guests under 21 years of age will not be allowed admittance to the formal dances unless they are pre-approved by the principal or designee and are the guest of a current YHS student. Each Yelm High School student will be allowed only one guest per formal dance. All students must show their Student Identification Card in order to be admitted to the dance. Once students are admitted into the dance, they will not be allowed to leave and come back. Once students leave the dance, they must leave campus. No loitering will be allowed outside the building or in the parking lot. The faculty advisor of the group sponsoring the dance will be responsible for arranging supervision of the dance. Students are expected to follow the directions of the adults in charge. All YHS school rules apply. If there are questions or problems with students, the chaperones will bring this to the attention of the supervising administrator. A police officer and/or security guard will be present at all dances.  Remember that all students must be passing all classes at YHS and all fines must be paid before dance tickets can be purchased.  Dress codes will be advertised in advance of each dance.  Note:  Please reference Dress Code under Minor Discipline for additional language.

Online Payments for Students Meals and Fees

  • As a convenience to families, Yelm Community Schools provides an easy way to make online payments from home or work, 24/7. With just one login, you can make payments for any child in your household using Discover, VISA or MasterCard credit or debit cards.

    Online payments can be used to replenish a student's food service account or pay for any existing fines or fees, such as class fees, athletic fees, or ASB activities.

    Students who qualify for Free and Reduced Meals or the College Bound Scholarship are eligible for extracurricular fee waivers and must complete an Opt In Consent form yearly.  Please contact the ASB office for details.

    Yelm Community Schools is fully compliant with all data protection laws, including PCI Data Security Standards. Yelm School District does not store your billing or payment information at any time. Any personal information you enter related to your credit card through this website is purged immediately. Any contact information you enter is stored for your convenience when using our website. Information you provide to us will only be used by Yelm Community Schools. We will never sell or rent your personal information to third parties.

    The link that makes this possible is or click on the icon at the top of any district or school website. 

    There is a standard format for all users and their passwords.

    • User Name is the parent's Family Access ID (aka. Skyward Login ID)
    • Password is the Last Name in all Capital Letters

    Note:  Cookies must be enabled on your web browser.

    Our district's Food Service department provides the breakfast and lunch program.  Meal prices, payments and information on free and reduced meals is found on Yelm Community Schools website under Food Service.

Field Trips

    1. All school rules apply
    2. Teachers can not approve a student going unless the student is in good academic standing in the class.
    3. Must have parent/guardian permission to attend field trip.
    4. Students cannot drive him/herself to field trips destination.

Food Service

  • FOOD SERVICE: The breakfast and lunch program is provided by our district’s Food Service department. Meal prices are listed below. Individual milk purchase is $0.50.
    Meal Prices Regular Regular Free and Reduced Free and Reduced
    Grade Breakfast Lunch Breakfast Lunch
    6-12 $2.00 $3.60 Free $0.40
    *Subject to change
    MEAL PAYMENT OPTIONS: You may send money with your child to school to be given to the office. Money may also be deposited online with a credit/debit card. Visit our website and click on the icon “Online Payments” at the top of the page. You can check your child’s balance at any time using Family Access and sign up for notifications on low balances.

    FREE AND REDUCED MEALS: Meal benefits are available to families that meet income guidelines. Free and Reduced applications are available online through Skyward Family Access. Paper applications are available at school upon request or on our website at Food Service/Forms

    If you have questions regarding your child’s meal account, please contact your school. For assistance with Free and Reduced application, please contact the district Food Service Department at (360) 400-1151

Lockers (PE)

  • PE Lockers are school property and may be inspected periodically as a general inspection of school property (RCW 28A.600.220). Lockers may also be searched when there is reasonable suspicion of inappropriate contents.

    If a locker does not operate correctly, please notify the PE teacher. School personnel will retain a master key for all lockers. Combinations will not be changed during the school year. Money, purses, or other valuable items should not be left in lockers.

    LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS: THE SCHOOL ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. Any student who damages or defaces a locker will be subject to disciplinary action and will be liable for the cost of repairs. Locks are not to be brought from home and used at school. The privilege of using lockers may be revoked for sufficient cause.


  • PARKING: Parking in student lots is a privilege and requires each vehicle to be registered with the school and to appropriately display the approved parking decal. In order to receive a Parking Permit, please obtain an application information from the Main Office. Unregistered vehicles, vehicles inappropriately or illegally parked, or vehicles creating a safety hazard will receive a parking violation notice and may be subject to impounding/ towing at owner’s expense. Violators may lose driving privileges for the remainder of the year.  A search of a motor vehicle may be made based on reasonable suspicion when related to a possible school violation. Under no circumstances may a student park in visitor or staff parking. Students parking in those areas are subject to total loss of parking privileges on campus.

    Adjacent city streets are considered an extension of the school parking lot and campus and are therefore subject to the Search and Seizure Policy when related to a possible school violation as stated in this handbook.

Sign and Bulletin Boards

  • SIGNS AND BULLETIN BOARDS: Material placed on the bulletin boards or any signs put up in the building must have prior administrative approval.