Additional Information Related to Behavior


    All school rules and regulations apply to bus conduct. School bus drivers have the authority to discipline students for misconduct related to School District Rules (WAC 180.40.230). Misconduct may result in suspension of the bus riding privileges. 

    The Students Responsibilities and Rights Policy will be applied at school, at school bus stops, away from school, at school events, functions or activities, and for transportation on school vehicles. Any questions related to bus misconduct should be directed to the Director of Transportation at 458-3300. 

    CLOSED CAMPUS: Yelm High School is a closed campus. Once students arrive at school, they are to remain on campus until school is officially dismissed. All students must check-in and out of the Attendance Office when arriving or leaving campus at times other than the official starting and dismissal times of the school day. Violation of closed campus will result in disciplinary action. Exceptions may only be made by the building principal and include but are not limited to Running Start and New Market Skills Center Students leaving for class. Violators of the CLOSED CAMPUS rule will be SUBJECT to a SEARCH. 

    OFF-LIMIT AREAS: Certain areas of our campus are designated as off-limits to students. These areas include the parking lot without a pass (7:25-1:50), behind the portables, gym, auto shop, greenhouses, barn, and shops, in the stadium or track area; along the fence boundary; bleachers at the softball fields; any area not designated on the hall pass; and outside the boundaries. Students who are found in these areas without the permission of an administrator MAY be subject to a search of belongings (backpack, purse, car), a call home to parents and disciplinary action. 

    GAMBLING: Gambling on school grounds is not permitted unless sanctioned by State Law. 

    SELLING ITEMS AT SCHOOL: The conducting of private business or selling unauthorized items is prohibited. Property may be confiscated and law authorities contacted. 

    SKATEBOARDS AND BICYCLES: Students are prohibited from riding skateboards, bikes, and scooters at school or on school activities. These items are disruptive and present a safety hazard and may be confiscated. 

    STUDENT PROPERTY: Students are discouraged from bringing any items of value to school. Yelm School District assumes no responsibility for loss to student’s personal property. Any item(s) that create a disruption to the educational process may be confiscated. Articles of value for class display should be locked in a teacher's cabinet or checked in at the office. 

    TECHNOLOGY ACCESS: The district is dedicated to promoting and instilling principles of digital citizenship and media literacy in students and encourages guardians to play an active role in the process of educating students. While the district takes great care to monitor and filter inappropriate websites, students are expected to be responsible users of their access and the educational technology tools made available. For a complete list of Student Responsible Use Guidelines, review the Student Rights and Responsibility Handbook and/or Policy and Procedure 2022/P on the district website. Students will be given a unique user login and password to access educational technology tools.  The login portal icon is available at the top of the school and district website for students to access at school or at home. It is essential students keep this information private to ensure the security of their school files and online accounts.

    TEXTBOOK RULES: Textbooks are furnished by the school district. Students are responsible for the condition of and/or loss of their books at the end of the school year. 

    TRESPASSING/LOITERING: Students are not to enter or loiter on any school district campus without proper authorization. A charge of trespass, with notice to police authorities, may be given to any person who creates a disturbance on school property and whose continued or recurring presence may result in a real and substantial disruption to the school environment or pose a threat to the safety and well being of property or person. Students on campus while on suspension and/or expulsion are subject to additional disciplinary action and arrest for criminal trespass. Violators may be subject to disciplinary, suspension, or expulsionary action and arrest for criminal trespass. 

    Loitering is not allowed in any hallway or on campus during the day or before or after school hours. Students may not return to campus for any reason unless the student is participating in a school sponsored activity all students are expected to leave campus at the conclusion of the school day.

Positive Reinforcement/Recognition


    1.9 on TFI
    Goal: Formal system for acknowledging positive student behavior.

    Yelm High School promotes and recognizes student positive behaviors that are aligned with P.A.T.H. Examples of P.A.T.H. behaviors are found in the matrix located on a previous page. Student recognition is year long and on-going. Everyone on our campus has the opportunity to recognize student's positive behaviors. This is done both informally and formally throughout the school day, in after school activities and events. The three big ways we have implemented to promote student positive behaviors are:
    1. Student-2-Student: Students can submit recognition a classmate by going to the school website and filling out the Student-2-Student submission form.
    2. Positive Referral: Staff member can submit a similar recognition of a student by filling out the Student recognition form.
    3. P.A.T.H. Postcard: staff members can fill out a P.A.T.H. postcard recognizing a positive behavior of a student and it is mailed home.

    We recognize that each day is a NEW DAY that comes with new opportunities to demonstrate positive behaviors. All students have the opportunity to be recognized on our campus.